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thats me!

Vital Statistics!

Character NameLunarflower
Speciesmoon wolf (rarely seen)

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale Colourwhite like her mother.she has some scars on her back.she has a little scratch on her ear too.
Hair Colournone,only her fur that is white.
Eye Colourbleu, light bleu
Clothingnone,she is a wolf and does not like twoleg things
Accessoriesbleu bandage on her back paws
Weaponryclaws and mouth with sharp theeth
Special Abilitiesshe has something with the moon...

Personality & Background

Personalityfriendly,and smart,she can sometimes be hard on you but don`t mind that, its because of her past....
BackgroundA white wolf, in the woods on a open spot,she is staring at the trees,she smells something strange but she does not know if its dangerous.her ears faced to the spot where she knows he is, she hears the animal walking. suddenly; a shot!. birds fly up,she seemed confused but then her face relaxed and her eyes became glacy as she slowly felt to the ground,then she lies there, her eyes gazing at nothing.her once beautiful white fur was now mixed with the red colour of blood. {mom dead} The pups crawled too there mom to wake her up,but she never will again.When the pups realized that, they howled. The two leged came closer and took my sister, and took my mom too. i howled and growled a little, i was scared too,but then he pointed a strange thing at me i jumped when it shot,he looked satisfied with the wound he created and he walked away. i found the den again and licked the wound clean. she fed on mouses if she could get one and she licked the snow to get some water. so she grow. {sister gone} she lived and looked for a mate and she is looking for a pack too but they rejected her and scold her out for outcast. she went away from packs and was a loner from that day...
Likesfresh meat and hugs.
Additional Infohas a mate.