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Look i'm in Sonic Heroes.lol

Vital Statistics!

Character NameKeogi Naga
SpeciesAnthro Snake

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale Colourlight green with tan streaks along his body
Hair Colourlong Black Hair with tannish/golden brown streaks to go along with his eyes.
Eye Colourgolden brown eyes that can stops anyone heart
Clothingpretty nomral depending on his mood and form.if he's in no mood he'll have on some evil looking armor, happy something casual
Accessorieshe has a backpack on his back that has most of his stuff like a months worth of cookies,soda,and other foods his handy laptop is also in there and he also keep some of his weapons in the side in cases there's a mission he's has to go on out of the blue
WeaponryKeogi is Arm with 2 shotguns,2 handguns, 3 Sais, and a lot more stuff for the fun of it.
Outstanding Featuresunlike most anthro snakes. he has his first form which is his naga form. keogi has the abilly to look change form to his second for which looks like a wingless dragon but more snake like. and whenever he change forms he goes into what looks like changing sphere change in the FF-X2 Game

Personality & Background

Personalitywell how can i put it he like not what you've exspect from a snake he act really pure when thore he a coldblood and not to mention he very self awere
Backgroundkeogi is from a from a future-like city called Acropolis his father runs the city his two older brother are like complete a-hole to him all the time.eversince his father found out that he's Homosexual then to make it wosre he has been force to become a bounty hunter and now somewhat enjoying it. he train himself in to fighting styles one is the bone arts the same as Nina Williams from the tekken series and the sceond one is a flamingo stance and the rest of the fight styles from Sarah Bryant from the virtua fighter series
LikesPasslion,Cookies,play video games like Sonic,DDR,Initial D,Virtua Fighter,Tekken,Metroid. helping out,nice people,going on mission and taking in the night life of what ever mission he's on
Dislikesmean people,too much book work,and alot more i'll have to get back to you on that.abyone who gets in his way at the time someone he really care for is getting hurt.
Location(right now i'm stuck in Tampa,Fl with no way of getting away from my hatefully family) Living with his mate in a medium sized apartment in LA.
OccupationBounty hunter he want to follow in the foot steps of Samus Aran. forced into this type of work by his father: Kai Naga at a young age cause the fact he thought his son was working on a to girle job as a massage thearpy and working on many fur to help out with there day and stuff
Additional Infowell his vemon is very very deadly cause it convines two of the most deadly snake vemon and not to mention when he shoot his vemon when it comes into contact with other surfaces it would act like a acid would eating away the stuff he doesn't need

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote*makes a gun with his paw and point it ahead then acts as he his about to shoot it* Even Good Guys Blow It! hmm*brings his paw back down to his side* (my favortive ending pose for sarah bryant from Virtua Fighter 4)

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