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Vital Statistics!

Character NameJacom
SpeciesAnthro Dragon
HeightDepends (6 feet to 1000 feet)
WeightDepends (See above)
SummaryPhysical Description Height: 240 Feet feet (at the moment, he can size change, also if you prefer something more 'realistic', then Iím good with being 7-ish feet tall)
Jacom, himself, doesn't think he's overly spectacular, no over sized cocks or extra sex organs or super powers of a god or anything. But he does have one ability, and that is to be able to shift his size and other's sizes as well. Other then that he is peaty ordinary for a dragon, thick, tough scales, fireproof, bullet proof, acid resistant among other things. He can breathe fire and heal people like most dragons and other things.
He's a well muscled dragon, but nothing over the top, his scales tight against his muscles, making for some interesting curves in places. *winks* His scales are a very deep black, the scales on his chest, stomach and soles almost blood red. He has more humanish looking feet with four toes and toeclaws but more human looking legs, body, arms and hands. He has two ears that looked somewhat likes horses ears, and two large, long horns, both skinny and white with a gold ring on each. His face is a bit more dragonic, with a dragonic looking muzzle and some nice, soft, black hair. He only wears a small charm bracelet around his ankle and occasionally clothing if he goes out in public. He does have a tendency to get a bit more 'predatory' sometimes with people, and that usually means he eats them, and not just swallow them! His personality would be describes as slightly random. He can be loving, kind and sweet to some people, hugging and kissing and caring for them; while other times he can be violent, killing anyone he meets. It usually depends on who it is and his size, the smaller he is the nicer usually.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourBlack and Red Scales
Hair ColourRed
Eye ColourEmerald Green
AccessoriesGold toerings and gold rings on the horns!
Special AbilitiesCan grow/shrink
Outstanding FeaturesDoes being sexy count?

Personality & Background

PersonalityDepends, but usually dominant
BackgroundGrew up watching godzilla movies, so I like rampaging and stuffs ;3
LikesYiff stuffs Rampages Footpaws Vore (O, A, C) Chatting with friends :3
OccupationProfessional city-destroyer?