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Image credited to the very talented Teturo

Vital Statistics!

Character NameNali
AgeQuestionable, thought to be 19
Height4 feet 8 inches
Weight50 lbs
SummaryDo you have shinies?

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourWhite skine, green wings
Hair ColourLight green
Eye ColourLight green
ClothingUsually none, but whenever she has to go into a town, she puts on pink shorts/top
AccessoriesAnything shiny
Special AbilitiesFlight, swiftness, incredible vision
Outstanding FeaturesHer wings

Personality & Background

PersonalityNaive, playful, mischevious, intelligent (though this is hard to tell at first)
BackgroundNali was just a simple harpy, travelling aimlessly in search of shiny objects and such. One night, she attempted to steal a gem from a bounty hunter she had been following, only to find it to be a trap. In exchange for the treasures she had stolen from him in the past, she decided to work with him as his scout. As time passed, the two grew closer and closer, eventually becoming close lovers.
LikesShiny objects, nummy things, her love
DislikesDull things, bitter food, heavy winds
OccupationTreasure hunter/Scout
Additional InfoNali is part of the Odd Love series available to read at www.shadowmalerenamon.deviantart.com

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote"Do you have shiny?"