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Vital Statistics!

Character NameZordrak Shadowfang
Speciesstorm dragon
Height9ft 11in (In qudraped form: 1,250ft at the shoulder, 2,300ft from snout to tail base, 1,500-ft long tail)
SummaryHe is a large humaniod storm dragon standing at 9'11" in height. His body is covered with black scales, with yellow tiger stripe pattern. His hands and feet are covered in the same bright yellow scales, with black claws. His eyes are the same bright yellow eyes. He has small yellow spines that run across his eye ridges. Another set of spines start just between his eyes and runs over the center of his head and down his back to the tip of his tail. His shoulder is also covered with small yellow spines. He wears royal blue briefs with a golden waistband.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourDark black scales with several small streeks of bright yellow.
Hair Colournone.
Eye ColourRoyal blue colored eyes designed like a cat's.
ClothingOften wears just a loincloth as he is tolerent to most climates.
WeaponryOnly his claws, teeth, and acid breath attack.
Outstanding FeaturesHe has a row of spines across his eyes and on his shoulders. Also some spines run from the top of his head, down his back,to the end of his long tail. The spines are actually rather flexible. He has two blue swept back horns, and a small horn at the tip of his muzzle.

Personality & Background

PersonalityVery easy going. Likes to help people out when he can and is always open to new ideas.
BackgroundHe was part of a clan of half dragons. They lived in the mountains away from society for hundreds of years. Eventually someone had learned of the powerful artifact they had guarded and attacked. Zordrak was the only survivor,. Being sworn to protect the artifact he went out searching for it.
Likesjust about anything, pretty easy to get alone with.
Dislikesbeing ignored a lot.
Additional Infosince a run in with a magic item, he was split into two identical versions of himself. One with the power to transform into an enormous dragon, the other lacking that ability.

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