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Vital Statistics!

Character NameJackson De Leon
SpeciesInfected Wolf Anthro
WeightA LOT
SummaryAn average macro wolf with a fierce face but a gentle and perverted heart.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourBlack shagged fur thats thick and unruly.
Hair ColourA black spiky mane that reaches down his back
Eye ColourGold fierce eyes.
ClothingShredded shorts
Special AbilitiesThe usual wolf abilities. His saliva can heal wounds. His cum can enhance the physical abilities of anyone who makes contact with it. His bite can temporarily turn you into a female furry werewolf
Outstanding FeaturesThe scars across his face that looks like an X

Personality & Background

PersonalityDespite his looks and size, he's a gentle giant that would rather avoid conflict hurting other folks. He hates to fight and sometimes would run away when things turn bad. He's quite perverted and given the smallest hint would take girl hostage for the night.
BackgroundHe comes from a long line of macro wolves who were fierce and deadly to this day. Unlike his ancestors, he wasn't fierce and he wasn't deadly. In fact he's the smallest of his siblings by one hundred feet and been bullied since he was young. Moving away from them, he wished to reek his revenge on micros for what his siblings did to him. After crushing one buildings under his paws, he searched through it with his toes to find the victims. His evil sneer turned to horror when he saw how bloody the mess was. He couldn't take it, being a monster like his family. So he repented and lives his days being peaceful and gentle among the micros though he wasn't afraid to abduct a micro for some fun at night.
LikesPeace and Quiet, nature, micros, fun, abducting, paws, foot rubs, licking, his perverted ways, women, alcohol
DislikesSenseless destruction, mass killing, painful abuse, bullying, loud noises, mean people.
Additional InfoHas no human form.