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Vital Statistics!

Character NameVersage Flames
SummaryTake a chance, find out more about Vers and for the love of all things I didn't place my messenger ID's at the bottom for shit's and giggles ya'll are welcomed to message me, and if I don't reply i'm probably at work or passed out, don't be scared I'm not gonna gnaw your heads off!

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourDark midnight black fur with red tribal symbols scattered across his body
Hair ColourMidnight black
Eye ColourDeep gold, though he only has one eye
ClothingDepends on the time period, but as he's in the modern age. A black tank top, black biker leathers with silver chains that go from the belt loop just above his pants pocket to the belt loop dead center on the back of his pants.
AccessoriesNone aside from the eye patch covering his left eye socket.
WeaponryVersage believes mostly in hand to hand combat, but will take up a blade if needed.
Special AbilitiesRead background

Personality & Background

PersonalityVersage is very calm and collective of his thoughts, humored by the world around him and the many species that have their pointless arguments and fights.
BackgroundVersage Flames was born in the year 1350 to a family with many secrets, in a land he was never could recall. It wasn't a terrible family, no, in fact it was a loving and caring family and yet even as a young child he knew something was different... as did everyone else around him. And then.. one day in 1365, he learnt what that difference was. his family was not an ordinary one, of course it was obvious due to the fact that they were all wolves or.. lycan's if you will, and yes.. they could change from human to wolf at will if they wished, but they chose not to, and neither did Versage. No what set them apart form anthromorph, Lycan, Werewolf.. whatever the case may be, was their unique abilities to control the elements; earth, fire, wind, water, and lightning. It was on the third day of the third month in the year 1365 that Versage learned he was a Guardian of the elements. Created over a thousand years ago to protect the planet from the Shaluk Ma'lik, also known as the Dark One's. Creatures not of this realm that strove to suck the life from planets, element by element, until nothing left but a lifeless hunk was left. With the creation of the guardian's came a long war that lasted nearly 100 years, short perhaps by some standards, but long and grueling none the less. Many guardians were killed, and other's replacing them until finally they managed to capture the Dark Queen of the Ma'lik and seal her and her followers away in another plane of existance. Of course, this came with a cost, as the fire guardian at the time sealed her away within his own body. And due to this it was passed from generation to generation, and now, Versage holds the spirit of the exhiled Queen inside himself, where she waits until the day that the ancient incantation is spoken by the one who will set her and her people free to destroy the world and eventually, the universe. While there has always been one guardian for each element, Versage guards lightning and Fire both, while it makes him the strongest guardian in the history of his kind, it also concerns him... he had no clue where the original lightning guardian was.. if they were alive, and... he also had no clue if by chance any of the other's were alive, and if that was the case the Dark Queen wouldn't need the incantation spoken.. she'd be able to break free of her own will. Now he sits, awaiting answers to his own questions and hoping within time he may find them, and someone to help him through the coming darkness.
LikesIntelligence, humor, good will, good spirited fun, people who don't try to bullshit him etc.
DislikesStupidity, lieing, thieves, rapists, murderers.
LocationWhere ever he is needed.
OccupationGuardian of fire and lightning.
Additional InfoNone to be had

Just for Fun

Favourite QuoteThis generation of humans are still young.. but you can

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