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Vital Statistics!

Character NameKriszta
Weight47 tons (42,638kg)
SummaryAttack of the 50ft futa

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourSoft gray fur covers most of her colossal body, except for the front of her torso -from collar bone to thighs- which is white.
Hair ColourScruffy shoulder-length hair which is usually dyed in various bright colours falls to frame her cute face, with two large curled horns poking out through the mess of colour from just above her ears.
Eye ColourBlue-green
ClothingSkimpy swimsuits that only become more revealing as her size and confidence grows. Can be any colour as long as it's spectacularly bright.
Outstanding FeaturesDue to the accelerated nature of her growth, Kriszta is physically quite lanky with long slender arms and legs, though her narrow waist does however flare out into a pair of stunningly curvaceous hips.

Personality & Background

PersonalityEven without all the dazzling colours she wears and the sun constantly reflecting off her white tummy, in one word any of Kriszta's friends would describe her as radiant. As confident and carefree as anyone can be at 50ft tall, she enjoys helping people out or just chilling in the city and is always keen to show off.
BackgroundKriszta -or Kris to her friends- is a skinny young goat girl who, after having eventually accepted being born a herm, was then hit by a rather intense puberty that caused her to rapidly swell in height. Now at just 15 years old and at least 50 feet tall, Kriszta doesn't know how big she'll be when she eventually finishes puberty or even if she'll ever stop growing, but as a result she has developed a bold yet easygoing personality while also coming to love every part of her oversized body.
LikesWarm sunny weather, bright colours and nude beaches.
LocationThe Greek island of Mykonos

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