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Ceyla done by Rabid of FA

Vital Statistics!

Character NameCeyla
SpeciesNightmare (equine)
Ageisn't telling
Height10 feet normally
Weightdefinately isn't telling
SummaryCeyla is a nightmare but not the one that would be stalking your dreams at night. No being inflatable as it were she rather stalk the next batch of air tanks or various other means to which expand by.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourBlack
Hair ColourFlaming mane, tail and featherings.
Eye ColourBrown
Clothingwears little in the way of clothing due to such being restrictive at times. But has been known to wear a bikini now and then.
AccessoriesUsually various tanks of air that she can hide or not from view.
WeaponryWhile it may look like her mane and tail are fake, she can if willed make them real fire capable of burning those who touch. Otherwise she also has her unicorn horn.
Special AbilitiesBeing inflatable she grows or shrinks by taking in/letting out air, unlike your typical balloon though she is built more like a pool toy in that she keeps her shape while doing such and does so in a more proportional manner.
Outstanding FeaturesFrom a distance she would look like a normal flesh and blood horse (albeit with the flaming hair). It is only when one gets closer to her that they notice her skin seems to shine in the light and makes typical rubbery noises.

Personality & Background

Personalityis not a typical gloom and doom nightmare, but rather seems to be rather cheerful and even lightheaded at times.
BackgroundWas at one time just a lowly inflatable toy until the day she got infused with magical energies which not only brought her to life but caused her to inflate bigger than the building she was in. She has since managed to control such power and even found a way to allow others to share it.
Likesof course to grow, finding others like her, to snuggle and generally to make friends.
DislikesTo be intentionally burst or popped, mean folks and to be left out of the loop of things. Oh and anyone trying to harm Cetas.
LocationFollows Cetas around.
OccupationCetas' muse/protector