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Me with my cool green t-shirt and sunglasses :D well its me trying to be cool anways

Vital Statistics!

Character NameFelyx Riverstone
SpeciesGerman Shepherd Dog
Height6 foot 1
SummaryHey all, I'm Felyx a kind sweet German shepherd who loves to give hugs.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourMy main body fur is black with tan arms and legs. I have a spot of tan fur around right eye and a smudge on tan over my left eye that spreads down to the top of my chest. My right ear is also tan where my left ear is black. My tail is black with a tan tip. If i blush my tip of tail starts to turn red and if i blush more then it spreads up to my body till all my tan fur is red.
Hair ColourMy hair blends in with the fur on my head and is black but a little longer than the rest of my fur
Eye ColourMy right eye is blue and my left eye is brown
ClothingI tend to wear jeans, and a funky t-shirt. I change my t-shirts daily but each normally has some crazy design on it.
AccessoriesI can normally be found with my collar my neck. The collar being black with skulls but hopefully updated to a leather one at some point.
WeaponryI dont have any weapons, but has been trained in Muay Thai and sword weilding.
Special Abilitiesthe ability to make people feel better with hugs

Personality & Background

PersonalityI have a very happy personality. I love to chat and hang out and make people feel good. I give out plenty of hugs and snuggles. I like to have a laugh and can normally be found around somewhere
BackgroundWas adopted at a from Germany when younger for some unknown reason. From something that happened in Germany I can't remember anything from before coming to England.
LikesHugs, friends, hugs, films, hugs, reading, hugs, swimming and i feel like I'm forgetting something. Oh yeh hugs
DislikesNo hugs, people lying, people being upset.
LocationDurham UK
OccupationAt the moment a student but who knows were the future leads

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