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Vital Statistics!

Character NameLiessolette
Height6 feet
SummaryMind over matter

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourPale white skin, she doesn't get out much
Hair ColourLong and straight, dyed dark purple
Eye ColourEmerald Green
ClothingOld-style lolita clothing, long black gothic boots, white noble gloves
Accessoriesgold necklace, gold anklets and bracelets, and a diamond chocker
Special AbilitiesLiessolette is a powerful psychic, possessing almost every ability within the realm of divination (mind-reading, telekenisis, pyrokenisis, etc)
Outstanding FeaturesHer most remarkable ability is her "Mental Field", which acts as a unique barrier. If someone unwanted enters it, the recieve a terrifying vision (falling down a tunnel towards a spike-pit, placed in a room with closing walls, a saw approaching them, etc). Usually, the unwanted person will be thrown out of the field by the vision right away, however prolonged exposure with cause insanity through the terror. Even further exposure will cause the event to actually happen to the person, likely being leathal. Liesolette can decide which vision people will encounter, but usually just lets it be random.

Personality & Background

PersonalitySweet and kind, a very giving person to those she likes, but an absolute nightmare to those who earn her wrath
BackgroundUnder construction at the moment, will be available in the near future
LikesApples, cherries, staring at clouds/stars, essentially anything that's relaxing
DislikesStress (makes her powers harrder to control), having to use her Mental Field, having people think of her powers like a novelty act and not understanding their magnitude
LocationLuka, MA (fictional)
OccupationStudent, head of the Divination Club
Additional InfoLiesollette is part of the School of Sadism series, available to read at www.shadowmalerenamon.deviantart.com

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote"The mind is a powerful thing."