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Blending in to the shadows in his wolfen form.

Vital Statistics!

Character NameZwitter
SummaryHe is a very confused and dark being...

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourChangeable depending on season. Winter: White with gray fringe, Fall: Red/Orange tinged with grey around the thighs, Autumn: Pure red coat, Summer/Spring: Pure black coat.
Hair ColourAmethyst, buttocks length.
Eye ColourAmethyst, Onix if he is angered.
ClothingUsually not much. A kilt or pear of jeans.
AccessoriesToo many to name. He's a pack rat.
WeaponryAgain, too many to name. His main weapon is a pair of sieh and his brute power behind claws.
Special AbilitiesCamouflaging his entire being like a chameleon and melding into the shadows. Soul consumption for energy or healing.
Outstanding FeaturesHis lanky seven foot of height.

Personality & Background

PersonalityDark, Cheshire and dry sarcastic humor/views on the world. He's very intelligent tho.
BackgroundIn the 1500s a necromancer and a witch doctor started experiments of unnatural kinds on a family of wolves. 30 years into their experiment, after trieing so hard to reincarnate death itself, failures lead to frustrations only completeing regeneration of supurior strength and healing they desided to kill off the family. The youngest pup, Zwitter, watched as his family was slaughtered brutally and then ran away being the only one whom accomplished cheetah like speeds. Months later he returned to the abandoned mine shack of a den lab and retrieved his mother's skull, keeping it to this very day wearing it as a mask. Harshly, the pup grew alone and damaged mentally from those experiences. Visited by the spirits of the forest, damning him to the dark depths of an eternity of ferrying lost souls. The dark soul and broken form of the "Death Wolf" wanders around the Forestry till this day...tho, on a lighter note he has picked up odd humors from the humans and faeries along the way.
LikesBlack Mages..they amuse him.
DislikesHumans, hyper active folks.
LocationRavenBlack City
OccupationFerrying Souls.
Additional InfoHe likes to lounge around in his anthro form. Mhm.

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