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Vital Statistics!

Character NameLilly Jade Katrin
Weight25lb (waiiit for it :P)
SummaryI'm an anthro inflatable housekitty, mew, and I'm here to play! ^^

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourAlmost all my fur is a milk chocolate brown ... exceptions are hair and tail as seen below. The skin underneath is a bright glossy yellow, mew, that is primarily noticeable on my mouth and lips, or to anyone who knows me intimately, on my ... more private patches o.o;; Also my claws are yellow too...
Hair ColourMy hair and tail are a slightly darker brown ... dark chocolate if you will, mew ... but both have bright violet streaks dyed in them! My hair is fairly long, goes to somewhere around my tummybutton (what, about 2.5ft?). My tail is a full 3ft long, and unusually fluffy for a cat's tail, probably more resembling a fox's tail at first.
Eye ColourBright yellow. Not much else to say here...
ClothingTeehee, pretty much whatever I feel like ... shirts or skirts, tank tops or t-shirts, I have a pretty wide wardrobe, mew! However, all of it is some combination of yellow and violet... Also note that I frequently wear long gloves and stockings, and fairly often my clothes are deliberately a size or two too tight... oh, and my favorite bikini is tight yellow latex with balloon nozzles at a few particular places ;3
AccessoriesHrm ... not sure what to say here, mew ... Uhm, I do tend to wear makeup fairly frequently, yellow lipstick, violet eyeshadow ... I occasionally wear yellow or violet headbands, and usually have some kind of sash for a belt ... I have a TON of collars, one representing each of my good friends, a range of colors and types there. I also tend to wear some shiny bracelets and anklets, also a variety, mew, but I practically always wear this one bell anklet on my right footpaw. I also frequently carry a larger-than-it-looks yellow shoulderbag.
WeaponryDon't like traditional weapons at. all. Not a violent person ... my first instinct is flight, not fight. No seriously, mew ... self-trained myself as a runner. A couple of my more special abilities help this in unique ways... If I absolutely positively have to defend (usually others before myself), I'm working on perfecting my own Clima Tact. It ... still has some bugs.
Special AbilitiesI am an inflatokitteh, mew! Through some combination of magic and science, the body I currently occupy is a network of stretchy hydraulic-type pumps that can be inflated or deflated at will ... or sometimes against it! I can take on any size or shape with no problems at all! I can also magically reform in safety if I happen to *ahem* spring a leak... The magic part comes through in interacting with others ... it turns out that my abilities are mildly infective, and I can transform and/or inflate people I'm with ... only if they're willing!
Outstanding FeaturesI actually am pretty normal in terms of standard appearance, and I like it that way ... I'd rather be able to mix with the crowd, I'd rather not stand out deliberately, mew.

Personality & Background

PersonalityVery very happy, easygoing, and hyper, mew! I tend to be all over the place, bouncing off the walls, provided I'm not too tired! I do tend to get worried a bit easily, though ... all I want to do is make people happy, to help them out, and it just worries me when I'm unsure if it's working right ... I try my best to be kind, gentle, and sweet, and after a lot of work I finally have the confidence to say that I do these things kinda well, actually ^^;
BackgroundI ... don't really remember o.o;; I have very vague recollections of being created about a year ago by a mysterious sort of person ... all I know is, I seem to have my own soul and personality, so I just sorta live, mew! I don't remember anything earlier than summer 2009 ... but to be honest, I'm too easygoing to care! ^^;
LikesLots of stuff! This seems kinda vague, so I'll try my best ... interests are dancing, computers, math, videogames, and trains ... fantasies include inflation, expansion, transformation (first one is the major one) ... but I'll try mostly any fantasy that doesn't include the major dislikes below. I love making friends and chatting, even if it has nothing to do with roleplaying! Be a nice person, and we'll get along perfectly!
DislikesI've had major trouble with some people, but it all seems to connect to one thing: immaturity. If you're on the internet, you need to be mature enough to understand the responsibilities of using it. I can't deal with people who are constantly angry or depressed or needy. I can't solve everyone's problems, and it's not fair to me or you or anyone else if you try to make me solve yours. It has literally caused physical illness in the past, so please wisen up. As for fantasies, I WILL NOT participate in scat, watersports, diapers, child/babyfurs. Anyone I play with must be at least 18 both in real life and in character. No exceptions.
LocationMy home is a train <3 No seriously, it's a specially modified six-car train, including enough tech/magic to be able to be driven mostly anywhere! I make my home wherever my friends are! :3
OccupationI'm a computer engineering grad student, that's my primary job ... occasionally I'll take other odd jobs as the story of my life benefits (aka roleplay), but they usually don't last for long.
Additional InfoUhm ... not sure, really ^^;; If you wanna know, you can always come and ask!

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