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Vital Statistics!

Character NameLorelai
Ageyoung adult (breeding age)
Height19 inches (including ears)
Weight2 lbs

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourCovered in a soft short coat of fur with desaturated hues of purple and brown and darker, earthier toned 'gloves' and 'stockings'. She has a whitish marking down her back (still in development on my part) and two white 'eyedots' where her eyebrows would start as well as highlights of white just under her eyes.
Hair ColourOften depicted with white hair that seems to 'radiate moonlight within each strand'. Originally her hair was a dark and earthy color but during her pilgrimage towards becoming a druidic priestess her hair turned white.
Eye ColourBrown { like mine :) }
Special AbilitiesHer voice is soft and soothing and carries like the wind. It has been said her singing is like that of the ancient sirens, able to influence the minds and hearts of those who hear it. As she advances in her training to become a druid, she can 'resonate' with the earth. As to what powers she has been bestowed with will be seen in time..

Personality & Background

PersonalityTimid at first and naive to a fault. She loves to observe others and her surroundings. At times she'll wander off and get lost! Typically in familiar surroundings she can use plants, tracks, and the way the wind blows to find her way back. If she is in unfamiliar territory she usually relies on navigation by the moon and stars, if visible. She can be a bit scatter-brained at times but when she puts her mind to a task she sees it through, regardless of the obstacles she may face. She is often described as beautiful and elegant, delicate but strong-willed. This little bat has a big personality despite her small stature!
BackgroundLet's do fast facts instead since I'm terrible at writing backgrounds / character history! :) - On an island 10 miles offshore of the continent Galdea (similar to Pangea); Lorelai used to live in a dormant volcanic mountain with a colony of bats of her own kind. The lower levels were home to large (miniature dog sized) spiders. Because of the freshwater lake at the bottom of the cave, the bats had to fight or risk getting killed by the spiders in order to bring back water to the upper levels of their home. - Said volcano became active again and many bats in the clan were killed during the evacuation(boo!). the spiders too (yay!) - Lorelai washed up on the shore of the nearby continent and found herself alone. - She presumes she is the last of her kind. - Determined not to give up she continued on a pilgrimage to become a druid as she was next in line to become the priestess for her clan. She hopes that in her travels she will find some of her lost kin. (RP Limits: Absolutely NO Vore, micro/macro fetish play, waterplay, scat, babyfurs, scifi or cyberpunk settings, no gore or dismemberment of my character please)
Likes- Exploring - Meeting new creatures (Even if she doesn't know exactly where she or they stand in the food chain XD) - Being cuddled or groomed - Going unclothed, if possible. - Male bats. But she does tend to have a thing for avians or gryphons... - Steamy tropical weather and stormy days.
Dislikes- Creatures trying to eat her. - Snow, ice, or any cold weather. - Prolonged exposure to sunlight - Being confused for a vampire bat. - Being alone. - Disregard for the earth and environment.