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Vital Statistics!

Character Namebrightdesign
Height3 feet 6 inches
Weight40 pounds
SummaryCute little cat girl with a not so cute little secret. Prr.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourShe can be either full anthro or neko. In neko form she has normal, pale human skin. In anthro form her fur is white with strawberry blond paws.
Hair ColourHer hair is copper, and is rather long, reaching well past her knees. It has a habit of billowing around her which accentuates all of her movements. It is usually held back with either a bow or head band.
Eye ColourShe is a Siamese, so her eyes are bright blue in color.
Clothingbrightdesign is a girl, that fact is readily apparent. She wears clothing suited for that. She does have curves, but they are small. She mostly wears short dresses or shorts and baby-doll styled shirt which allow her to move and dance all she likes. Or fight if that is what she is doing.
AccessoriesShe is not quite fully cat-girl (this will be explained in the background portion.) but has a altered bone and muscle structure which make her strong for her size, but mostly just improve agility. She doesn't look muscular at all.
WeaponryHer weapons are always hidden, and consist only of 5 butterfly knives for both throwing and holding. Her training also allows her to use whatever is around her to her greatest advantage.
Special AbilitiesShe is a fighter, and it is in her blood. She only fights when commanded to though, and when she isn't commanded to, she is completely passive and submissive.
Outstanding FeaturesHer hair and eyes stand out quite a bit.

Personality & Background

Personalitybrightdesign, above everything else,y is extremely shy. Despite her fighting capabilities, she isn't confident and she is scared of almost everything. Most of the time she will hide behind larger furs or her Master for protection instead of reacting in the way she was designed for.
BackgroundBrightdesign was born on a small island from two Siamese parents who she has never met. Her father never met her mother either, since the deed was done artificially. At birth she was taken from her mother and her mind was surgically altered to prevent thoughts that weren't desired by her owners from entering it. She was then trained with a group of other young creatures, all of them cats. At the age of ten, her group training was over, and she still did not have a name. She was given a military researcher to train her for her future taskes in the world outside of the island. He gave her the name, brightdesign001, on the book, but always simply called her 'kitten,' and that was all. Even now, people often will call her kitten instead of her actual name. She grew fond of her trainer and loved him dearly until the day where he died during combat when she was 17. The military dragged her from her trainer's body and returned her to Washington DC where she was given to another man who was quite harsh towards her. She was simply an object to him, and after a year with him she rebelled. She attacked her current owner and left him in intensive care. After that incident, her memory was erased, and then she was sold to and underground slave movement. Her life simply consisted of living in a small cage and occasionally being forced to eat out of the store owners hand. Over a couple of months, her urge to fight lessened, and that is when she met the man who bought her, her Owner. She is still jumpy and skittish, and all of her training has come back allowing her the use of all her previous skills.
LikesShe likes milk, fish, tuna, and all sorts of yummy things like that. She also enjoys looking pretty, and being snuggled.
DislikesMean people, loud noises, and bratty children.
LocationThe united states.
Additional InfoMew!