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Vital Statistics!

Character NameKai Pasternak
SpeciesBlack Panther
Age19 (Immortal)
HeightVaries - Normal size 5 foot 6 inches
WeightVaries - Normal weight 170lbs

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourJet Black with a small amount of dove white fur on his chest.
Hair ColourBlack with a thin red stripe running through it. His hair style is a Mohawk
Eye ColourIris - Red (Deepens in colour when experiencing a heavy amount of negative emotion) White Eye Colour - White (Changes to black for same reason above)
ClothingUsually he only wears a pair of shorts, however he sometimes wears a white T-Shirt or a grey hooded jacket when need be. Sometimes if his Vanity demands it, he will sometimes only wear a loincloth. And he may even go in the nude just to show off.
AccessoriesMay sometimes wear sunglasses.
Special AbilitiesOutstanding amount of Strength, Speed, Stamina, Agility, Endurance and is also quite intelligent. Able to absorb a massive amount of damage, and regenerate any said damage with ease (If damage taken exceeds a certain amount, it will take him noticeably longer to regenerate) Can also regenerate stamina incredibly fast as well. He also possesses the ability to increase his size, which also expands his other traits and powers in correlation to what size he increases too. Also, his powers constantly increase in volume. Meaning that each passing day he becomes stronger and more powerful. Furthermore, the more he fights he becomes much stronger at a faster rate. He is also immortal, although he sometimes laments this.
Outstanding FeaturesHis abilities, and his quite diverse taste in music

Personality & Background

PersonalityKai by nature is very cocky and confident given the abilities that he possess, and he often flaunts and shows off. He also enjoys being the centre of attention. He also possesses quite a mean streak, and can get angry/frustrated with an incredible amount of ease. Kai can also be sadistic and controlling towards others (Especially when in Macro form) However, to his friends and to his family Kai is reserved, kind and calm. Although shades of his cockiness and arrogance often shine through when he is with them.
BackgroundKai “Bright Eyes” Pasternak – Is the protagonist of the story, Kai is a little over 19 years old and is an anthropomorphic black panther. Despite being a top predator however Kai is short and light for one of his species (5ft6/170lbs) he also has a quite athletic look to him, and is the most physical fit member in the family. Despite this quite obvious drawback Kai enjoys his favourite pastime, fighting on a regular basis, much to the displeasure of his family. Kai is also very strong and fast, something which many of his opponents don’t realise before it’s too late. Kai is very close to his Mother and Sister, and although his Father and Brother often have confrontations with him, he loves them also… he just makes it MUCH less obvious Another thing which brings displeasure to his family is his choice of hairstyle, a black Mohawk with red stripe going across the middle of the Mohawk. The main reason why his hairstyle is a Mohawk is because Kai’s choice of music, he greatly appreciates Metal, Rock, Punk and to a certain extent Rap. Also he strangely has red eyes, something of which is an incredible rarity anthropomorphics, some believe it is a sign of a “Special Destiny” whilst others believe it to be a blessing from a higher power; Kai however simply believes that it is a sign of luck. Another part of his unique nick name comes from here, due to their colouration; his eyes often shine within certain shades of light. However, when Kai is in a really bad mood, angry, grief stricken or focused, his eyes do not shine and reflect very little light, making his eyes almost look “Dead”. He has a scar which runs above and below his right eye socket; he earned this scar by getting into a fight with his older brother Wreav, something which their father Barrett is not proud of. Barrett often blames Kai for the fight, because of this Kai often feels singled out in terms of punishments and vocal beat downs, because of this Kai and Barrett do not have a true father son relationship and it creates a noticeable tension within the family. He earned his nick name “Bright Eyes” partially due to his very jovial and kind nature towards other people, despite his pastimes he often finds it very easy to make friends and to forgive and forget. He becomes an “Ultra” a person who has the ability to change their size at will, along with this he earns a lot of other major perks and abilities, enhanced strength, speed, intelligence, stamina and endurance. He also gains a power over elements, and becomes Immortal and unable to die… something which Kai has a really hard idea accepting. Kai plays a major role in “The Day it started” and quickly becomes Kadesh’s best and last hope at fending off the invading nation of Kurda. After the war, Kai is left being a super WMD with a large amount of power. He often engages in his own brand of 'Fun' with no army in his world capable of harming him. - Yeah I know, I have already went over this, but still this is pretty much his background. If you want to see his 'Story' then head over to my FA page at http://www.furaffinity.net/user/trueneutral/
Likes- Being an Ultra - His Family and Friends - Being able to do what he wants - Sleeping - Football - Meeting new people - Having fun, whether other people like it or not - Alcohol - His Shorts - Walking around bare footed - Massaging his ego - Funny people - Being in Macro form - Being the centre of attention - Tailoring to his Sadistic/Darkside when it surfaces
Dislikes- Annoying people - Most other Macros (Except for ones that he has befriended) - Judgemental people - Arrogant people - Ignorant people - People who think that they can stop him - Being told what to do
LocationPearl Islands (In his World)
OccupationBeing a living Weapon of Mass Destruction, and living life on his terms.
Additional InfoHe really hates shoes. Kai is also rather fond of sports, particularly fighting and football.

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote"Too bad that I'm the best isn't it?"

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