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Vital Statistics!

Character NameRaemon
SpeciesAnthro Alaskan Husky/Snow Leopard, AKA Woofmew
AgeAn age, whatever is the context
HeightA sizeshifter, but generally around 4 inches by default.
Weight2 lbs at his 4 inch height
SummaryA dog.. cat.. thing who's ready to get to know anyone he meets, be them big or small. He generally is friendly and curious about people, though also easy to set off as he literally smolders with irritation. Its also been known that, when provoked enough, he could potentially catch fire, or warp small spots of reality.. but it takes a great deal to cause him to do so, so that he's usually in a fury by that time.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourMostly on black, blue, and green.
Hair ColourA tuft of deep cobalt blue, usually mussed as he doesn't seem to own a brush
Eye ColourWarm, friendlyl brown, fiery fierce orange, or a mischievous, vibrant green, depending on his mood, and whatever he feels like.
Clothing He wears a pair of green cargo shorts and some kind of t-shirt during the day most of the time, though he's also rather partial to jean shorts as well. All of his clothes are made of natural materials; no synthetics or metals on him. Even the labels of clothes are torn off.
AccessoriesA beanbag for his bed often, or just a place to relax. He also can summon to him small items from anywhere, or rarely a ginormous object, usually just for the shock value.
WeaponryHe often resorts to elemental magics and chaotic power for attack. Its purely magic, with generally no physical attacking since he doesn't have the strength for it naturally. He enjoys playing with explosives on his spare time, but has never used any of his experimental builds of bombs on anyone, nor will he since they're all incredibly impractical.
Special AbilitiesHe's extremely resilient to physical injuries, so that he could be stepped on or fall or some other accident, and be fine, but covered in bruises. He also has magic, as well as chaotic magic literally embedded into him from an accident of sorts. Generally this leads to age, size, and species shifting at whim, as well as colour. His fur's colours also have special meaning after the said accident, and are as follows: *Black* - This often has taste, ranging from sugar at his younger ages, and subtly matures as he ages to a caramel and syrupy taste. To prevent being eaten, he also gives off a sharp, sour scent to those he doesn't know. *Green* - This colour moves around on his black fur as small specks, or sometimes as great blobs. They can sometimes move in a pattern that distracts the eye, making it hard to focus on Rae at best, impossible at worst and the unsuspecting. *Blue* This colour changes to lighter shades of itself the warmer Rae's core temperature is, with white being the hottest.
Outstanding FeaturesHis size; Only standing at 4 inches tall.. To anyone he meets, be them 100ft or 6ft, due to a trick on perception. He appears normal sized to others on the inches scale however, unless he feels like being larger.

Personality & Background

PersonalityPlayful, mischievous, lover of freedom, but is submissive to those who are more dominant over him, and to anyone larger than him that shows him kindness.
BackgroundThis is subject to change as he dabbles in quantum realities and chaos magic, so his very origin can change wildly. Usually however, it is stable for months and sometimes a year or two at a time, as it depends entirely on his inspiration to work on the one he has at that current momet.
LikesCOOKIES!!...*Ahem.* Also paw pads of any kind, being picked up, bellyfur, petting, kindness, snuggles, nuzzling, being a plushie to larger folk, playing pranks, RPs, pockets, weather of most kinds besides the same thing as yesterday, footpaws, and other things he's too lazy to put up here
DislikesDigestion, watersports, cruel people, microwaves, being caged, being squished, death in general, freedom totally removed, etc etc.
LocationHere, there, everywhere, no where, somewhere. Its all very.. quantum.
Additional Info

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote"What a tangled web we weave when we first learn to decieve" "The voice of intellect is a soft one but it does not rest untill it has gained a hearing - Sigmund Freud"

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