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Vital Statistics!

Character NameKaori Mishimoto
SpeciesEgyptian Mau

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale Colourgray furr with black spots
Hair Colourbrown with blonde highlites
Eye Colouryellow
Clothinga white tshirt that goes around her shoulders with black strapps and sleaves that cover her hands. Pants: black skinny jeans
Accessoriesseveral bracelts and rings. A bell around her neck. 4 peircings in her left human ear and three in her right. One small silver hoop in each of her cat ears
WeaponryA pair of sia's strapped to her inner arms. A kuni in her boot.
Special AbilitiesShe can control ice, water, and wind and she can see spirits
Outstanding FeaturesShe has major mood swings and she is clumsy when she isnt fighting

Personality & Background

PersonalityKaori is insnely clumsy when she isnt serious and if she falls, she laughs off the pain. She hates to let people see her cry and she usually has a smile on her face. When she gets depressed or serious, she had a very short temper.
BackgroundKaori grew up in the south with her mother and father. When the moved up north, her parents got divorced. That along with many other circumstances, droped her into a deep depression. She tried to commit suicide but her friend Caleb stopped her. After that day, she decided to always be happy. But that isnt very easy sometimes. Her parents were killed by hunters and now she spends her nights, running along rooftops, tracking down and killing the unjust.
LikesThe color black, Animals, reading, writing, drawing, and cooking
Dislikescleaning, worms, fish, rude people
OccupationBabysitter, DJ,and Big sister, assassan

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote(after killing someone) "This kitty has claws"