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Vital Statistics!

Character Namegeagor
Weightit fluxes any whare between 284lb and 1tun

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale Colourdark caucasian human skin tone
Hair Colourblack (at night it turns to flame)
Eye Colourdark blue (at night all red in cluding the whites but large puples)
Clothingblue jeans and a wrinkled dress shirt
Accessoriesa necklis of some sort usely a skeleton key or a pentagram seal
Weaponrya katana with a pentagram seal on the end of the hilt
Special Abilitiesi can actavate the pentagran seal on the hilt of my katana by hiting someone right side up on the forehead as a protetion seal or up side down on the harte as a controle or cruption seal have an inate ability to fight i can read peoples mineds and see peoples dreams
Outstanding Featuresi have a nice scar going up and down on my face acrost my left eye with another small one crossing it right under my eye...oh and i have a tale

Personality & Background

Personalitykined but ass kicking i beleave in doing the right thing... AT ANY COST!!!!!!!!!
Backgroundi beleave im older than 400 years old (based on trinkits i fonde at my wakeing) i have no memory of my life with the exeption of the last 16 years sence my wakeing in a feald in peyton colorado with suminors from the cult of the snake. after i chased them off i found a katana with a pentigram seal and a black blade, a skeleton key, a small panting of a woman (who i beleave to be my mother) and some other asorted trinkits that seem to come from the 1600's. after that a had a strong earge to do three things, find out about my past an who i am, to do grate good, and fined out who that strange person in the panting is (no rush thow XD)
Likesi like drinking, hanging out, and the all exilirateing fight with a powerful oponit
Dislikesi hate idots, people who ask about my past, and a cocky weakling
Locationpeyton colorado
Occupationi'm a marshl arts insruter and one of the many protecters earth
Additional Infohang out with goku and and i have a PHD in ass kicking

Just for Fun

Favourite Quotequote george w bush "i have oppinions, strong oppinions, but i do not always agree with them"

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