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Vital Statistics!

Character Namekalgos
Speciesblack vamp-dragon
SummaryA muscular dragon that doesn't take shiz from any one and will beat you down if you try to or threaten

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale Colourblack with , bold red stripe down his chest
Hair Colournone
Eye Colourpurple
Clothingtorn jeans and no shirt
AccessoriesPurle scarf on my pants, earing.
WeaponryDark fire breath, dragon bone saw, claws and fangs.
Special Abilitiesthe obvious
Outstanding Featuresdeceptive strength, night vision, dragon hearing

Personality & Background

Personalityhas mood swings of pure evil and pure good never is netrual due to the curse put on him he had to take refuge in a high mountain cave to avoid hurting people and only has a few visitors every few years...his solitude has made him hard
Backgroundlook at personality
Likesvisitors, other scaly, his would be family.
Dislikes loneliness, sunny days.
Locationhigh mountain in the alps
Occupationcoal miner and black magic student.

Just for Fun

Favourite Quotewelcome...please dont leave..

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