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Just a basic referance image of myself.

Vital Statistics!

Character NameKristah Lumin
Height154.4 cm
Weight78.47 Kg.
SummaryNothing short applies here!

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourKristah's fur is much like any pandas (Excluding red panda's since she isn't one). A white base coveres her from her face to her inner thighs; while black covers her ears, arms, upper and lower back, and legs. She has glove like markings on her hands that make it look like she is wearing white fingered gloves until you look close.
Hair ColourKristah's hair when straightened and unrestrained hangs to just past the middle of her back. Its color is a deep red almost like that of dried blood or dark red wine.
Eye ColourHer eyes are lined in dark black rings of fur, which really brings out the bright icy blue of her iris.
ClothingWhen relaxed or lounging around she remains in what she considers to be modest dress. Which usually includes a large button up shirt whith the sleeves rolled up, the top three and bottom two buttons undone so that it isn't too hot. She also tends to wear wit hthis a pair of short-shorts that fit to her shapely legs and rump -quite- well.
AccessoriesLacking too many accessories, she only really has her piercings with which to go by, and her tattoos. Her left and right ear each have a single golden hoop in them; her tongue is pierced twice with barbells, and her nipples are each pierced with barbells since when she last had rings they got caught. Her tattoos aren't many, on her left hip a little heart and on her back a much more intricate skull and cross bones that coveres her shoulders. ( http://tinypic.com/r/r2sx84/4 )
WeaponryHaving not found the need to fight doesn't mean she is a push over, her fists and feet give her enough of the adcantage she needs in most fights having learned a few Iron Fist moves.
Special Abilities-To be noted later-
Outstanding FeaturesBust maybe?

Personality & Background

PersonalityKristah is a little quite and withdrawn in most public situations, and its not that she doesn't like company its just it takes her a little while to warm up to people. But after you get past her outer stoicism, she tends to be a pretty laid back girl, if quiet.
BackgroundShe doesn't speak too much of her past and while sometimes it seems fond, her eyes always tend to show a bit of pain when speaking over her past.
LikesKristah tends to greatly enjoy listening to the music pouring in from her big Bose headphones on her neck. But when it comes to chatting about musical likes she tends to clam up since it turns more into a debate with most people.
DislikesShe tends to shy away from people who seem overbearing or inconsiderate.
OccupationKristah goes to class four days out of the week, and that coupled with a part time job at a book store tends to eat up most of her day time hours.
Additional InfoBuild: Curvy Relationship: Single -partially looking- Body type: Antrho Bust Size: 40D to 38G (Depends on preferance) Dom/Sub Role: Switch Desired post length:Semi-Paragraph: 4-7 Desired RP length:Long-Term Furry preference: No preferance Language preference: English