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Vital Statistics!

Character Namethe begining.... and the end
Speciesgodly being (little bit more than a dimigod little less than a god)
Genderi am nether one i am
Agebeond the begining and past the end
Heightnone and all
Weightnothing or beond the mass or the univers and them some

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale Colourdark as the night sky
Hair Colourwhite as the clouds
Eye Colourblue as the sea
Clothingwhy would i need clothing
Accessoriesi whare orins belt when it strikes me or the rings of saturnus on my little finger
Weaponryall is my wepon with the ecsepion of a black hole witch is all i fear
Special Abilitiesguess

Personality & Background

Personalitycalm and at peace
Backgroundall of time
Locationevery whare... and no whare
Occupationright hand man of eternity
Additional Infoall of the above

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote"i