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Vital Statistics!

Character Namejale
Speciesforgotin fairry
Ageold as man kind
Height1 and 1/2 inchs
Weight1.43 oz
Summary(my name is pernoused "J.L." thats it its not jail its "J.L.") im immortal, invulnerable and vary, vary powerful

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale Colourmy skin changes color with my mood (red angry)(blue sad)(light-green happy)(transparent frightend)(dark-green horrny)(multi-color drunk)
Hair Colourdepens how i feel about you and only you will see it that way (multi-color= i don't know what to think about you or ive never seen you)(firery-red=I WILL FUCKING KILL YOU)(light-green= i like you)(silver=you skare the crap out of me)(dark-green=...guess)
Eye Colourthay sift thru sevral colors i garnte you have never seen in your life (kinda like infared but it is part of the spectrum human eyes can see)
Clothingnone...like ever....at all
Accessoriesa small never ending bottle of liquid gold that i can controle anyones mined with (i hardly ever use it unless it's to my gain, funny as hell or you piss me off... witch is realy hard.... i mean realy realy hard)
Weaponrywell useing the liquid gold i can stop your heart, lungs, brane or any other vitle orgins(or with out takeing full controle i can retard you for a while or make you spill biodly flueds... you know what i mean)
Special Abilitieswell.... i'm small and cant change my size(couse im too powerful beleave it or not) and i like sex so after honeing my magic i learnd how to change others sizes to my size... or smaller... or larger... up to the size of the largest red wood tree in the world or as small as a single cell, but i can change the size of salect body parts with in reason
Outstanding Featureswith the exepiton of all of the above... my normle breast size is F-cup (you know compared to my body)

Personality & Background

Personalityfun loveing, (thow some times i take it to far... most of the time actuly) a little shy, a vary good person, (in my own way) vary trust worhy, im vary pashint, and quite a party animal once i get going
Backgroundwell i was born as the first human being was and grue in the way they evolved i've seen evry war and historicle event to ever happen. i just reasontly started talking to mortles ;D
Likesbooz, sex, guys, girls, herms(expshily herms,) good people, controling the minds of thows who deserv it, mortle beings, haveing fun, getting eaten (like ingested... not a big fan of getting 8 out) vore of any kined
Dislikesvilonce (unless you whant to fight me i'm fine with that,) haters, homophobes, hedirophobes (yeah... there real,)bi and tri haters(there real to,) drugs,
Location................. around?
OccupationLOL you think i got a job
Additional Infoummm....... i like all anthros

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote"sometimes only one word is oprpreit, dude:l, duude ;D, DUDE!!! >X(, d-dude 0_o, duwhowhodeX), ahh dude!8D, dude:(,"

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