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Vital Statistics!

Character NameGlenda
Speciessapream evil human (side note, that much evil dose something to your apperince... strange)
Age25 years
Height13ft 11in
Weight362lb 6oz
Summaryironic... my name means "pure good" HA!!

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale Colourdark silver gray
Hair Colourdeep red
Eye Colourthe ireses are black the whites are tinted red
Clothingmy clans robes modified to show my status
Accessoriesi have a ruby ring for fire and mater cotrole and cretion it can also raise the dead with there full memory satus under my controle, my army gerals have simler rings that cotrole other eliments none have the ability to create or controle any thing but there eliments, my ring can terminate the other rings whealders with a single thought
Weaponrya sperit gun thats main funktion is to conrpes sperit energy in to a bullet harder than than dimond and fires it at 99.99929362730028% the speed of light, it can also transform matter and mass to my will (great for makeing mutint troops and strong wepons)
Special Abilitiesi can use telaconesis, telapathic comuication, minor mind controle and some elimentle magic
Outstanding Featuresi have a 6ft long tongue witch i have uber controle over (even more than a normle humans... like a 5th limb kinda) when its in my mouth it goes partly into extradementinle space (thats how i can talk)

Personality & Background

Personality...evil, you better hope your on my good side... i may be evil but i will fight for my frends... as long as it's worth it
Backgroundi was borne evil... being exposed to that much evil for that long creates a change in the maniphested soul witch in tern crates a physical change in the body, i've just started my quest for world domonation
Likesevil, ruleing over people, my frends, haveing sex (like evry other forse of evil)
Dislikesgood, and thows who persecute people based on race or religon (i'm not a monster)
Locationthe wilds
Occupationevil dictator
Additional Infoummm... im bi... by the way

Just for Fun

Favourite Quotethe toughest question for christians to anser.... who is more evil... satan or hitler (my frend chris made that qustion)

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