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Vital Statistics!

Character NameTrish Wildrose
SpeciesTimber Wolf
Height5 ft 2 in
WeightA lady never says
SummaryTrish is a very unique pup of a girl being so young and the heir to her wolf pack, but she ran away to get away from the pressure that her parents where pushing on her. She could handle the pressure of leading the pack but she wanted to be her own wolf. So leaving the mountains she grew up in late one night, she traveled several days through the mountains. Until she got caught in a horrific snow storm and fainted and was found by a Alchemist by the name of Vencari "Vence" Arron Hitake, a respected medicine man in his tribe. As he took care of her she fell head over heals in love with him. Over time he felt the same, however he wasn't a full wolf and wouldn't be accepted by her pack. So she decided to stay with him and upon watching him make a new device she grabbed it from him and used it on him. Shrinking him to the size of a teddy bear (about 12-15 inches tall) he was shocked and amazed by what she did. However he didn't complain when she carried him around and held him close to her body. Even though he was a size changer he preferred to be in her arms like a teddy bear.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourTraditional Timber Wolf colors, with a black tear drop shape covering her right eye
Hair ColourBrown with a blond tint, that usually hangs down freely with bangs that reach to her chin and the rest reaches to the center of her back, but when she was helping Vence she usually keeps her hair in a french braided ponytail but leaves her bangs hanging free
Eye ColourBrown with a Hazel lining
ClothingBlue jeans, cameo military short billed hat, black collared shirt, and when out in the mountains of Azeroth she wears a white colored winter's jacket with black laced fur on the inside of the jacket, but if in a private sitting with Vence she is usually in a black bikini
AccessoriesA neck made of shells from the coast on Vence's home land that are very rare and considered to be very pricey with one of his claws(he lost it in a fight and kept it as a reminder and he just felt like he had to keep it for some reason) in the center with the June birthstone in the center of the claw, an it also has a heart dog tag with her name in fancy writing
WeaponryShrink-ray, Cold Steel Two Handed Great Sword, when traveling she wears it on her back, while she wears Vence's Fantasy Sword with Detachable Throwing Double Dragon Daggers on her hip until he needs it, however she always keeps both of them near him and her just in case something happens
Special AbilitiesAbility to use snow in deadly attacks, and deadly actuate with a blade, and a skilled swordsman(or in this case swordswoman)
Outstanding FeaturesA make shaped as a tear drop that covers her right eye, and a paw print tattoo mark in her fur that is on her slender toned stomach just to above the left hip bone and above the lower half of her bikini strap when she is in her swim suit

Personality & Background

Personalityshy, timid at first but once she warms up to you she is polite, kind and defensive of Vence
BackgroundShe doesn't share her background that much with anyone and even Vence doesn't know that much about her background, but he doesn't ask cause he gets yelled at if he does.
LikesBeautiful day in spring, a romantic cuddle on a grizzly bear rug that is in front of Vence's fireplace in his cabin in the mountains
DislikesRude people, and people picking on Vence because of his height
LocationIn the mountain areas of Azeroth
OccupationAssistant to a well known Alchemist (Vence), and personally trained body guard of Vence
Additional InfoDon't get her mad, for if you know the saying: "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned." Then just wait until you see her pissed off.

Just for Fun

Favourite QuoteDon't judge a book by it's cover, for it always hodls something strong and powerful. So always give something a chance.