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Vital Statistics!

Character NameVencari "Vence" Arron Hitake
SpeciesUnique Neko X-breed Snow Leopard/ Arctic Wolf w/ Hidden Snow White Wings
HeightUsually 13.5 inches tall (but able to shift from 1in to 150 ft)
Weightdepends on my size
SummaryKnown in his tribe as a great Alchemist and weapon forger, Vencari "A.k.a. Vence" Arron Hitake is a nice well rounded guy. His temper never gets the best of him, well usually it doesn't. However he tends to live alone with Trish in his cabin in the Azeroth mountains. He happened to be returning to his cabin after helping a family that had called upon him in a village at the base of the mountain. He found her almost frozen to death, an he brought her back to his cabin and brought her back from the brink of death and tended to her. An upon the day that she had to go, he couldn't let her go so he asked her to stay and be with him. An as you expected she said yes and to this day they live in peace in each other's company. However there is something that happened once he finally figured out how to perfect his shrink-ray, Trish snatched it from him and set the dial to 13.5 and the measurement dial to inches. So now he lives as a... well as a living teddy bear, however he doesn't quite mind it. He loves being held and wants to be this way forever except for the times he needs to be big and that is when he changes his size.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourTraditional colors for a snow leopard ears in all, with the exception that his ears are more pointed like a canine's, and his skin is white with a slight tan
Hair ColourBlack with diamond ice white tips reaching to his shoulders, with a section in the back of his head that reaches to the middle of his back and is in a pony tail that is french braided, he also has blood red bangs that reach to just below his pecks
Eye Colourblueish green and depending on the right light they can be a very stunning blue
Clothinghe tends to be wearing a short sleeved black shirt with red & black skeleton dragon on the front, w/ black Tripp pants w/ red trim, & steel toed boots, but if it is out in the winter it is usually the same but he has a black colored winter's jacket with black laced fur on the inside of the jacket, but if it is just him and Trish he is usually in his black boxers (sad that is the only color he has lol)
Accessoriesthe red soul reaper glove on his left hand from bleach, a white gold chain with a white and regular gold cross necklace that means something to him, an a black zippo with a skull on it with the words "Death" and "Row" on it a weapon, with a semi tight black leather collar that was from his horrible past before his life in his tribe, with a circular dog tag with his name written on it (the dog tag was a gift from Trish just like the one she wears is a gift from him)
WeaponryFantasy Sword with Detachable Throwing Double Dragon Daggers that is carried by Trish on her hip so he can change his size and use it when needed
Special AbilitiesAlchemist, well mastered swordsman, weapon forger, and able to manipulate anything that is water based and fire based
Outstanding FeaturesHis rather long fluffy tail that makes him seem like he has more of a lemur then anything else

Personality & Background

PersonalityNice guy, sweet and pleasant to be around, down to earth and calm, and shy
BackgroundIf you weren't apart of it then don't worry... Cause he doesn't even want to remember anything before meeting Trish Wildrose....
Likesmy new found life, job and love
DislikesI don't think you should know this...
LocationThe mountains of Azeroth
OccupationAn alchemist, weapon forger, medicine man, sensei as well as lover to Trish Wildrose
Additional InfoYou intrude on anything that doesn't concern you then feel the full extent of my furry

Just for Fun

Favourite QuoteDynimate, C4 come in small packages. So think about what they can do and then imagen what I will do.