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Oops... demmit, waisted droplets!

Vital Statistics!

Character NameRala
Weightdouble digits!
SummaryAnother girl from the Medellin family. Like most of the girls out of that strange household, she considers herself a talented witch. She has no formal education, however, unlike her older sister. Only private lessons from family members and what tutorials she has found from the internet. (Yes, there are blogs that teach magic out there!) Her studies took a seriously dive once the Medellin family's oldest sister devoured their mother. And somewhere in that sentence is a good explanation for why the little girl picked up drinking. Alcohol was never a big deal in her family. Wine and various beverages were shared freely with members of all ages. But it wasn't until the last few months that Rala began drinking in excess. And now it's extremely rare to see her without a drink in hand. Babbling or singing badly, or falling over. While making an uncoordinated attempt at spellcasting.

Outward Appearance

AccessoriesThe clothes on her back, and an iPad!
Special AbilitiesUnpracticed magic, demmit!

Personality & Background

PersonalityDrunk. She's giddy excited one moment, bouncing off the walls and trying to dance. A minute later she is crying in someone's lap or groping someone's lap with a lewd smile. However her fickle emotions sway at the moment, Rala is most always a rude little snob. She's from a very rich family that spoiled her grossly, and she still considers herself to be just divine.
BackgroundSpoiled brat of the Medellin family. That of course makes her sister to Lish and daughter of Ithella.
LikesBeing pampered, worshiped, massaged and treated! Royalty treatments, you know. But that doesn't stop her from relishing in the snuggling of a good friend when she's too wasted to walk straight.

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