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Vital Statistics!

Character NameWillgon
SpeciesRed Viking Dragon
AgeAdult (his human age would be nearly 30)
Height3,20 methers
Weight900 kg
SummaryI created this character in 2007, but he has evolved a lot since then.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourHis scales are red, but he has a yellow zone in chest/neck/belly.
Hair ColourHe has a long and wild black hair.
Eye ColourYellow, like his mother.
ClothingHe has a collection of vests of dark color. He usually wears the one in the pic, a bit torn because of many battles.
AccessoriesA golden ring in his left ear. He wears it since teenies, it was a present from one of his first girlfriends.
WeaponryHe doesn't use weapons. He loves to fight body to body.
Special AbilitiesApart of flying and breathe fire like all dragons, he can create lightning energy with his hands, teleport and communicate mentally.
Outstanding FeaturesHe has a birthmark on the left shoulder which is like a dragonic W, that's in part the reason of his name.

Personality & Background

PersonalityHe is cool, sure of himself, and he appreciates his friends. When fighting, he enjoys a lot, but he knows to be serious when his friends are in danger. He is also quite a pervert, he loves to seduce furry women, but dragonesses are his favourites.
LikesBeer, friends, fighting, exercise, eating a lot and living his life peacefully.
DislikesBetrayal, false friends, enemies, war, being hurt, many human traditions...
LocationA world far away from Earth where he lives with many other dragons.
OccupationBricklayer. He loves to do exercise with this job and display his body.

Just for Fun