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Vital Statistics!

Character NameCyrus Redfang
SpeciesVampiric coyote
Height8ft 3in

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourHis fur is black with a light grey on his chin down his abdomen until just a bit past his thighs.
Hair ColourHis headfur is spikey and short. His hair is a dark red color.
Eye ColourHis eyes are Gold.
ClothingHe wears a pair of fingerless black gloves a red t-shirt, a black leather jacket and a pair of Black Khaki pants. Aswell has black boots on his feet. His eyes are hidden behind a pair of blue tinted shades
Accessoriesa silver winged star pendant around his neck that has five red gems set into it, one at each point of the star. A Zippo Lighter with the word Triumph engraved upon it.
WeaponryA japanese sword called Retensuka, his magic and vampric powers.
Outstanding Featureshis vampire fangs and his Muscular body build.

Personality & Background

PersonalityHe's friendly mostly but there are other times when he's nothing but serious likes to relax when he can.
BackgroundAs a kid he lived by himself. He would cause some people to go missing at times, though infact they were in the abandoned house with him perfectly fine. Though later a child exploreing the old house discovered him and he was soon after run out of town He had later run into a mage of sorts which he became a disciple of till he was able tp develop his own elemental powers. He now lives in Ganvos city, mainly liveing in his mansion up on Devil hill the typical creepy kind of mansion but well kept for.
LikesFriends, food and stuffs
LocationHis mansion.
OccupationHe is the owner of a few exclusive restaurants.

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote'I am a Road worker, this is my road sign.' "Yes we are all Road workers our backs are killing us." ~Raz and a secret agent from Psychonauts~