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Mellow posing with his plushie guardian, Cottonball

Vital Statistics!

Character NameMellow
Height1 inch
Weightless than an ounce
SummaryA tiny speck of white, only an inch tall. That would be Mellow the bunny you see.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale Colourwhite fur
Hair Colournone
Eye Colourblack
Clothinga red night shirt and white socks
AccessoriesBunny plushie, Cottonball. Capable of sizeshifting and magic
Special AbilitiesNone
Outstanding FeaturesVery tiny size

Personality & Background

PersonalityCurious and cheery
BackgroundOne a normal sized bunny boy, standing at 5 ft 3 in, he was cursed at birth to shrink every night at sunset, all the way down to 1 inch tall. now that his 17th birthday has come, he remains as a tiny 1 inch being.
LikesBeing tiny, living as a tiny, and seeing everyone around him as giants
Dislikesbeing stepped on, eaten, or harmed for his size
LocationLives with his parents