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Vital Statistics!

Character NameIcarus De`Coix

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourOur leading star's fur is a dark ash color, with slight markings that make it look a little tattered; the markings along with the fluff on his chest is a dark orange in color, the undertones blending well with the ash color.
Hair ColourCharcoal, slight burnt orange streaks.
Eye ColourFeral; Yellow.
ClothingHis normal attire is two leather wrist cuffs, a button down shirt, and a pair of shorts with a belt.
AccessoriesThree ear piercings, two in his left and one in his right. A simple black ring on his right middle finger, and a necklace that is partially hidden under his neckfur with the trinket at the end hidden in his chest fluff.
WeaponryIf applicable, he uses two long bladed knives, six throwing knives, his claws/fangs/etc., and a single 9mm with two clips and a spare supresser.
Special AbilitiesAt times of hightened stress or agression he can fall back on his more feral instincts, giving him a bit more of an edge on reflex times. And his powerful predator build gives him an agile but strong grace. (No super powaz ohnoes)
Outstanding FeaturesA seven foot tall saber-tooth.

Personality & Background

PersonalityIcarus is fairly reserved and quite at first, seeming almost shy. But this is underlined by that slightly feral edge, especially when cornered.
BackgroundAn old prize fighter in an illegal organization, he took his leave after they tried to have him killed for not taking a fall.
LikesPlump women, spiced rum, quiet time, and nice company. Or some combintion of the mix.
DislikesMany things.
OccupationMerc; bouncer; bodyguard
Additional InfoIcarus made a rather striking figure as he stood there, right arm over his shoulder brushing his thick mane of dredlocks back from his face as his left hand propped on his hip. One of his dark eyebrows quirked as his feral-yellow eyes took in his surroundings, a hairsbreath over seven feet of hunting machine. His dark ash colored fur had orange marks on it that made it look almost a like it was tattered. His short tail swayed slightly behind him as he smirked and returned his vision skyward; his white button down shirt hanging open to reveal his chest. His pale shorts matched his white shirt, a few short chains hanging from the sides of them a small white cord, that when followed up from his pocket led to a small set of earphones dangling around his neck. His hand slipped down from his dark dreds and stroked over the orange fluff that marked the V of his collarbones. Sharp claws stroking through the fluff as his rough tongue slid out to lick over his broad fangs slowly; the large fangs left him in what looked to be an almost teasing grin most of the time. His short, silky fur seemed to shimmer as it rippled over the powerful muscles under the smilodonís flesh. He didnít seem to have much in the way of accessories: three ear piercings, his headphones and music player, a small black cord around his neck with a trinket that was hidden in his chest fluff, and one dark metal ring on his right middle-digit.

Just for Fun

Favourite QuoteIts a Symphony of Pain.