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I sat there posing for Q for what felt like hours.... I think he did a job well worth my time and discomfort...

Vital Statistics!

Character NameExperimental test subject CL41R3
Ageapprox. 16
Height5'5" (165cm)
Weight170lbs (77kg)
SummaryShe is curvy, busty, and elegant, but seems almost unconscious of her natural attributes, seeming almost withdrawn, sometimes. She dresses mostly in second-hand clothes, seemingly not in possession of the resources necessary to better her status with a nicer wardrobe or a nice house.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourPale tawny gold
Hair Coloursilvery white, straight and long, hanging down her back nearly to her tail in a thick mane.
Eye ColourGray, slit-pupiled
Clothingwears something that might have, at one time, been a scientist's labcoat. it is dirty and stained, and torn in several places.
AccessoriesMr. Fuzzy, a female housecat that adopted her... well, it kinda LOOKS like a housecat, except that it has sabertoothed fangs, shaggy fur and weighs close to 90 pounds, all tough muscle and quick reflexes.
Special AbilitiesShe has exceptionally strong and varied paranormal abilities... the best guess is that the forerunners were using her as a lab animal in paranormal induction and augmentation.
Outstanding FeaturesShe is exceptionally curvy, owing to one of the researchers having a thing for large breasts in their slaves and test subjects.

Personality & Background

PersonalitySweet, kind, almost innocent... but she seems to share her head with a part of her that can act like an unholy demon when she has no other option.
BackgroundA refugee from a time long dead, this Mas'qath'actl girl had been a test subject in what had once been a scientific laboratory, witness to and unwilling participant in scientific experiments that would make Doctor Mengele either weep with envy or lose his lunch. By some miracle of fate, she survived the numerous experimental surgical procedures, the nightmarish tests designed to crush body and soul... only to be sealed in a stasis tube and left there even as the laboratory was abandoned, for unknown reasons... Discovered in an ancient stasis tube in a forerunner laboratory, having been abandoned in place millennia before... she was only barely alive when she was decanted, but still had enough paranormal potential to blow out the thick leaded glass of her prison.
Likeshugs, snuggling, a warm blanket, people who see someone in trouble and go help them... people who look out for others... people who give from themselves... kittens.
Dislikes"Evil souls" as she calls them... people who do mean things to others for their own pleasure
Locationright here.
OccupationInvestigator, questor, seeker of secrets, and unraveler of riddles. The ghost who hunts, the shadow that stalks, the eyes that see and the ears that hear, the guardian of the defenseless and the hound of the wicked... Mostly unemployed.

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote"You want to see what the inside of your head looks like? No? Then let the little girl go, or I will let Fuzzy bat your brains about like a toy mouse."