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Vital Statistics!

Character NameKing Charidorah
SpeciesTwin tailed Charizard
Age25,000 years old
Height500 feet
Weight3 tons

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourTom has dark orange scales over his arms, legs and his feet with the rest of his body in a lighter tangerineish color
Hair ColourNone.
Eye ColourGolden
Clothingblack shorts with pockets, purple socks, a orange crown and a purple robe
Accessoriesa device that checks the weather in real time.
WeaponryThis version of Ghidorah still has the usual gravity beam of the kaiju King Ghidorah but he doesn't use it that often so it's hard to say how powerful it really is. He also has the typical fire breath of a Charizard/Western type of dragon
Special AbilitiesHe can sizeshift, weightshift or gendershift himself or anyone else at will
Outstanding FeaturesDespite his ever so slight chubbiness (He's got some flab in the top of the legs, but other than that, this dragon is very muscular, especially on his calves and biceps) this big orange dragon can still run very fast for a long period of time, so watch out if you've ticked him off!!!

Personality & Background

PersonalityThis dragon is nice and kind to everyone except to people who have ticked him off a bit too well, therefore they deserve revenge and they usually get it.
BackgroundStill thinking...
Likesmacro/micro, musk, footplay and sitting on stuff
Dislikesscat and hardcore gore
LocationThe Ozarks is where this yellow dragon calls home.
OccupationStorm Chaser
Additional InfoNone at this moment.

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote"Ok guys, now you're making the 3D Jaws look realistic! Could you put a little more effort into these puppets?" the Nostalgia Critic

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