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Vital Statistics!

Character NameRattlehead
Height5 feet 6 inches
Weight108 pounds
SummaryRattlehead, or James Raleigh as he's more conventionally known, is a size-changing anthro wolf. The actual character is in a state of 'flux', meaning his personality whatever his player wants him to be at any given moment though usually it's a reflection of his player's actual personality. This would be his 'official' serious description which will vary from the loose way I behave on the IRC.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourGrey, with a lighter grey on his front.
Hair ColourBlack, generally messy and unkempt as he doesn't take much care in his physical appearance.
Eye ColourYellow.
ClothingA black leather 'rocker' jacket that's scuffed and caked in mud, grease, paint, and someone else's blood. On his left shoulder he has an eagle painted, while on his back he has the Union Flag with the words 'Hell Bent For Leather' around it. Torn denim jeans, also stained, with a bullet belt across his hips and a chain that dangles from his belt. Usually goes around barefoot, but will often wear black leather boots. Over his forearms are large wristbands studded with metal spikes, and around his neck is a black leather collar also with spikes.
WeaponryGenerally avoids fighting, but if given no choice he'll reach for his luger pistol and sabre.
Special AbilitiesGrowth, transformation etc.
Outstanding FeaturesNothing particularly out of the ordinary, save for a scar on his left cheek that starts at the edge of his mouth and extends to his ear like a one-sided Glaswegian smile.

Personality & Background

PersonalityRather quiet and unassuming, generally tries to stay out of trouble but nonetheless will often find himself immersed in it whether he wants to or not. Despite his rather meek attitude and rough appearance he proves to be rather intelligent, resourceful, and cultured if given the chance.
BackgroundHis family has always been unusual, his great grandfather hunted Nazis after the Second World War and formed pacts with demons to return his deceased family from the graves. His grandfather worked for a shadowy government organisation dedicated to the preservation of the United Kingdom and her allies from supernatural threats. His father was an abusive Catholic priest, who disappeared when he was 14 after a failed exorcism. Rattlehead is a drifter, travelling across country with nothing but a motorcycle and a guitar as he struggles to survive as the world begins to fall apart.
LikesHeavy metal, leather, religion, fire, his guitar.
DislikesThose who underestimate him, chavs, those in positions of power who abuse it.
LocationSeveral years in the future in Britain, just as economic meltdown hits everywhere and civilisation starts to decay and its enemies move in to take advantage of weakness.
OccupationDrifter, freelance mercenary.

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