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YES. I drew it. :) 'Tis me ^_^

Vital Statistics!

Character NameLizeh

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourWell...if you look at the picture, it may give you some sort of hint on what my fur colour is. If not, it's blue on black. :)
Hair ColourYou mean hair? ;) Since i'm an anthro and all.. *coughs* Brown. ^_^
Eye ColourBrown. Boreing,ugly, brown.
ClothingUhm. It's a black-ish sweater and I have dark blue jeans :) But I do wear other things. Just neveri n pictures I suppose..
AccessoriesI have my ears pierced! :D But it doesn't show in the pic. oo;
WeaponryNon. I use my claws and teeth. Rawr!
Outstanding FeaturesHm. My clothing? Maybe my odd colouring. Sometimes I have wings. I have the magical abilty ( I fear alot of people/furrys have "magic abilitys".) to make them invisable at will. But that's all. Heh.

Personality & Background

PersonalityPretty much, I'm a laid back person. I'm really nice but I can get mean when I want to. Which is rare since I'm such a shy person. I'm extremly sensitive and creative. I can get depressed very easly too. It's an artist thing.
BackgroundYou mean this wasn't suppose to be about myself? But about a character made up by me? Maybe it can be BOTH. Oh yeah. But...uhm...no background. Atleast...not now. I can't think of a sad tale.
LikesDrawing, animals, food, drawing, talkin', playing MapleStory, drawing, my computer, fluffy tails, chatting, drawing, hanging out with my friends, and did I mention drawing?
DislikesNot many dislikes. But here goes. I HATE being treated like a little child. It's very insulting to me. " Omg, she's 14! We should "Behave"." Psssh. Oh. And mean people. Depression. Yeah, I hate depression. And I hate stuck-ups and snobs. They desearved to be slaped silly.
LocationSomewhere in VA. :)
OccupationArtist. Oh yeah. *high fives*
Additional InfoUhm. Non. Non to add. *nods*

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote"Peer hates everyone equally" - Karo ^Funny quote. :D

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