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Vital Statistics!

Character NameQuirinus
Height8ft 3in (Base)

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourUsual Gryphon cross of lion and hawk. Light brownish/yellowish lion body up to the chest, blending with brown feathers which cover his upper chest and arms and finally with a white feathered head.
Hair ColourWhite
Eye ColourHas hawk-like eyes, so there is no white in them. Just a black pupil with light green that surrounds it.
ClothingA pair of short jeans which are cut off at his thighs, nothing else.
Special AbilitiesHe has a magical feather on his head, it is coloured a light yellow around the edges so it is distinguishable from the rest, but is also hard to notice at glance. He has no ability to sizeshift unless using scientifical or magical methods others use upon him. But if this feather is pulled out, whoever holds it is able to command him to do as they wish. This feather only lasts for three days however and the person has to be holding it to issue commands to him. On top of this ability to issue commands, when the feather is plucked he grows to a random size between 100ft - 1000ft and will remain at such for the duration of the three days. During this time he cannot be altered in size by any means. He can be ordered to just about do anything, he does not have a rulebook that he comes with like a genie that cannot kill people. He can be told to do anything unless he truly does not want to do such. After this period of 3 days however, it will take a few days for the feather to re-appear, during this time he will change size again. He may shrink back to near normal size, he may become micro, he may stay the same macro size or he might grow even larger. During this period of time no one can control him and he is free to get revenge on his 'master' if they abused him too much for his liking, or just generally taunt and torment those he wishes for kicks. As a final note to this. Any fur larger than him cannot take the feather as it is rather hard to tell the difference between them and so being macro sized makes it impossible to see it. (OOC: This is to stop people just growing bigger than him, overpowering him and taking it. Because to be frank, that would be boring and just annoying)
Outstanding FeaturesNothing outstanding as such, but seeing theres no section for body build I thought I'd use here. He is decently muscled, with a toned body and large biceps, making him less than defenceless at his usual height of 8ft 3in tall.

Personality & Background

PersonalityThe gryphon is confident, though also quiet. He prefers to sit back and watch others, but when he does interact he knows his own strengths and the fact he is not the worst looking fur around. He does not boast, but lets others admire him if they so please. He seems indifferent regarding his feather to change his size. He may have to take orders, but he at least gets to be rather enormous. If he truly disliked it, he could simply step on the one holding his feather in between orders, even though he lies and says he cannot. Even though he does not mind it, he will try to prevent those who attempt to steal the feather. Sometimes due to not wanting to be grown, but most of the time as he wants it to be a challenge to steal it. When he is macro sized however, he generally comes out of his shell to show his cocky side, enjoying the power he has over those smaller than him and loves to exert it. He especially loves the period after the control if he does not shrink back straight away as he can do as he pleases.
LikesLooming over tinies as they gawk at his body, seeing fear as he is ordered to torment someone.
DislikesThere are certain things he refuses to be ordered to do. While he cannot resist things he may not like to do, if he feels so strongly that he could not stand to do such a thing then he is able to resist it. For example, if one asks him to do skat he would not. There are others, but the only way to find out is to try to order him with feather in hand.