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Vital Statistics!

Character NameAnya Demyan
SpeciesJogauni (Shadow)
Height5ft 8in
Weight185 lbs

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourMost of her fur is rather monotone shades of grey and dark grey, with some black. A mix of patterns have been dyed into her fur, with a seemingly unnatural stripe of rust running from the bridge of her muzzle down to the tip of her tail.
Hair ColourWhat little hair she has matches the rust stripe travelling down her back and tail.
Eye ColourIce-White.
ClothingWhen on duty she wears a skin-tight suit consisting of greys and dark greys to assist her in hiding in dark places, when off duty she can be seen in fairly casual civilian attire.
AccessoriesShe's equipped with a slim short-range jump-jet pack to assist her in infiltration jobs and escaping dangerous situations. Not powerful enough to be used for any sort of flight.
WeaponryAK-200 with foregrip, taclight and holographic sight. Also armed with a tac knife and H&K VP70.
Special AbilitiesNone.
Outstanding FeaturesThe various dyed markings on her body.

Personality & Background

PersonalityShe's not as quiet or reserved as some others of her type may be, enjoying talking and cracking jokes amongst friends over a good drink or smoke. But she knows when to shut up, as well. Intelligent and quick to respond, but not brash in her decision making, she isn't to be taken lightly despite her friendly demeanor.
BackgroundBorn to a small family outside of the city of Arkhangelsk in the Russian Federation, life for her was quiet, if stressful in the industrial oblast. Eventually to preoccupy her free time she took up freerunning and parkour through the large nearby city of Arkhangelsk, and shortly there-after was forced into military service where she was stationed on border patrol. Just before she was scheduled to leave active service she was selected for SPETSNAZ training and transferred to a non-disclosed training camp until she was released back to active duty and now works as infiltration and sabotage.
LikesSmoking and the ability to return from a mission unharmed or at least alive.
DislikesIncompetant COs. Shitty delivery service. And probably you despite any evidence to the contrary.
LocationOn active deployment and as such constantly moving.
OccupationRussian Special Forces, SPETSNAZ.
Additional InfoShe seems to smoke a lot, and also drink when not on duty.