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Its a work in progress at this time but its a prety good representation

Vital Statistics!

Character NameArchival
SpeciesChemical Dragon
HeightNine foot
Weight(not a clue)

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourBlack scales with glowing orange features (stripes,sails etc)
Eye ColourBright Orange
ClothingUsualy a suit but really it varies alot
AccessoriesTheres a ring peirced somewhere but you'd have to get a little closer to me than just this site to find out where it is ;3
WeaponryAside from all the claws and teeth, being a chem dragon instead of breathing fire, its corosive chemicals! (Acid I guess)
Special AbilitiesThe chemicals that I spit can be ignited by clicking my claws together, so technicaly still a fire breathing dragon just not what you'd expect.
Outstanding FeaturesLong glowing stripes all over from head to tail. Multiple and oversized genitalia ;3

Personality & Background

PersonalitySerious and silly at the same time. It varies by my mood but im always up for fun.
LikesEvil schemes, plots and all mannar of nasty endevours. Being the big dragon in the corner. Being tied up (sometimes) Yiff ;3
DislikesPeople being sad around him, it just brings me down too. some of the rather odd fetishes Being raped :<
LocationThe land down under! (Australia)
OccupationStudent Artist Evil Genius
Additional InfoI'll rule the world someday and dont think any of you will stop me!

Just for Fun

Favourite QuoteRanshins evil laughter from Legendz