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Vital Statistics!

Character NameLD
SpeciesIberian Lynx
SummaryLD is a yound herm lynx who has just started hir family, shi is happily mated to KesFae and is carrying hir kits, kes is as well carrying LDs kits

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourBlack with red markings on hir face, claws and footpaws that look like blood dripping
Hair Colourblack with red highlights
Eye Colourcrymson
Clothingnever wears them
Outstanding Featuresa metallic collar, swirling in coloar, oranges, blues, pinks, constantly changing colors around hir neck, a runic symbol hangs from it and "LD & Kes, Forever Isnt Long Enough" written beside that

Personality & Background

Personalityloving, caring, sweet, tender, all around a sweety
Backgroundbeaten, neglected, abused, and almost murdered by hir parents growing up, now with hir KesFae and everything is fine
Likeshir perfect mate
Dislikesanyone who harms hir
Locationusually the special back room
Occupationbusiness owner
Additional Infoask