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basic face shot of rai

Vital Statistics!

Character Namerai inuzuma
Speciesdragon lynks
Height6 ft
Summaryimage was drawn by me in a group drawing.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale Colourfur: yellow, black, brown, white skin: amberish
Hair Colouryellow
Eye Colourlight brown
Clothingusually wears grey shorts
Accessoriesa belt
Weaponrydual lightning blades
Special Abilitiescan fly, breath fire, and control/conduct electricty
Outstanding Featureshe has wings ^^ hehe

Personality & Background

Personalityvery shy, but always wanting to meet new friends, outgoing, caring. dosnt like to hurt people or mess anything up
Backgroundhe was born into a special family, that could control lightning, but he was born with a unasual birthmark on his pal and forarm that allows him to not only control lightning, but also summon it. he can also sommon a rare lightning dragon, that noone has seen anyone be able to do in over a thousand years
Likespizza, company and privacy, drawing playing with others
Locationearth ^^
Additional Infohmmmm nothing i can think of

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