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Vital Statistics!

Character NameTina K.
HeightAnywhere from 500ft to 5in
WeightIf you value your life I would steer clear of this question...

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourTina has orange fur with black stripes everywhere except her belly/toes/soles and muzzle which sports white fur.
Hair ColourLong brown hair down to her shoulders.
Eye ColourGreen
ClothingShe is very down to earth simply wearing a white tank top, black shorts and a pair of black flip flops
AccessoriesNothing much as she doesn't like to carry a lot around with her as it makes traveling from place to place easier.
WeaponryJust here claws and teeth along with a fair amount of muscle gathered from keeping in great shape through working out with her little human friends.
Special AbilitiesCan alter her size at any time as-well as possessing the ability to lift almost anything she puts her mind to depending on current size.
Outstanding FeaturesWhile not overbearingly like some her muscles do stand out on her slender body giving her the look of a swimmer or runner.

Personality & Background

PersonalityVery laid back and accepting of those around her only resorting to violence/anger if pushed too far or her friends are in danger.
BackgroundShe is kind of a nomad but keeps an apartment in the city as it where she works out the most.
LikesWarm days, fellow kitties/vixens and a good meal if you have one handy.
DislikesPoachers, fur traders, Tom Brady and that one guy who tried to steal her meatball sub that one time. He was mean.
LocationAbove or below you depending on her mood.
OccupationShe is sort of a freelancer doing odd jobs here and there to make ends meet.
Additional InfoShe is very susceptible to certain things and hugs are always welcome as-long as you respect her ferociousness hehe.

Just for Fun

Favourite QuoteRAWR! :)

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