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Vital Statistics!

Character NameJessie Braydon
Height164 cm / 5 feet 4 inches
Weight123 kg / 271 lbs.
SummaryJessie is this adorable, bubbly fluff of a raccoon. Standing all of five feet four inches, her rounded ears poke up through a mass of red wavy hair that makes an unruly, shaggy fall to mid-back, half the time fluffing into her eyes. The usual dark-furred bandit-mask of a raccoon makes the incredibly, almost unnaturally vibrant green of her wide eyes stand out, drawing attention there. Jessie's muzzle is almost always split by an infectious, innocent, happy grin, a grin which seems to refuse to come off except under the very worst of situations, and even then it tries to come back.
Below, Jessie has a body most raccoons would either die for or flee from, depending upon tastes. Athletic and toned in most places, Jessie's anatomy is dominated by a pair of immense breasts. These monsters are terrifyingly large on her frame, and measure a full ninety inches around. Lower, incongruously, Jessie's tummy is flat and tight, trim and well-kept. Lower, her hips flare wide, almost beyond reason, the width and her own mix of muscle and padding giving her a round yet insanely tight bubble butt, leading into heavily-curved and very thick thighs and big calves. Behind, her raccoon-tail is a fluffy ringed mass, bushy and kept fluffed and teased out by lots of care.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourCharcoal gray, light gray, and medium gray in the classic pattern of a raccoon
Hair ColourShaggy wavy red in an unruly mop to mid-back. The front is halfway-parted in the center, but the two bangs / side-fluffs are SO unruly they frequently flop half-into Jessie's eyes.
Eye ColourVibrant bright green, wide and innocent-looking
ClothingIn warm weather Jessie wears a bright neon green bandeau top that barely keeps her covered. Nonetheless, it is tight enough to squish her breasts down somewhat and keep them under control, as well as cover any naughty bits, though the gigantic, massive outlines remain. Lower, she wears a set of Daisy Dukes cut to allow her tail to go through, showing off her tight, round butt. Lower, she is as likely to be found bare-pawed as she is to wear these socks which have holes for her toes plus a set of sandals.

In cold weather, this will change to a layered T-shirt set in bright colors and mid-shin close-fitting jeans. On her feet she will wear these well-made close-fitting tooled leather boots, waterproof and close-fitting. In TRULY cold, well-below-freezing weather this will all be supplemented by a thick jacket custom tailored to cover her prodigious assets.
AccessoriesIn a small case, Jessie carries a tablet computer which serves her as a web browser (4G & Wi-Fi), small personal computer, and video-enhanced phone. Elsewise, a few bracelets and maybe occasionally a decorative collar.
WeaponryNone, except for claws and fangs.
Special AbilitiesDoes the ability to smile through almost anything count?
Outstanding FeaturesThe parts of Jessie that are outstanding are EXACTLY that: outstanding, and impossible to hide. Can we say "smuggling beach balls"? ^_~

Personality & Background

PersonalityFriendly and outgoing, a willing ear for grievances, always upbeat and optimistic in even the worst of circumstances. Jessie is the kind of person to try to find a ray of light in the middle of doomsday.
BackgroundJessie is simply your average ordinary raccoon, with the exception of her build, a build shared by every single member of her family, from her closest (her younger sister, currently fourteen and looking quite illegal (as in has a wilder, more insane figure than her older sister)) to her distant cousin Erie, who despite being distantly related could pass, in the right clothes, for Jessie's twin), to their moms and aunts, who are also overblown.
Family-wise, Jessie has grown up in a loving, caring family with fairly open views. She has no real problems with her parents, does decently in school, and has friends, both male and female, both friends and bed partners.
LikesFood, a good chat, new things, and some new ideas. The only thing keeping Jessie from being spiritual has been too many folk who can't SHOW her anything.
DislikesFolk who look and say (or think) "Oh, look! Tits! Gotta f__k 'em all!". Those who think because she has huge boobs she's an easy lay. People who think tits equals brainlessness.
LocationGiggling right next to you!
OccupationNone at the moment. Has a passing understanding of magery and may decide to major in such in college, currently a year and some change away.