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Vital Statistics!

Character NameArnie
SpeciesAnthro Canine & Human

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourTawny and Chocolate Fur. Skin colour is tanned
Hair ColourMahogany
Eye ColourHazel
ClothingTop half; Black "wife beater" vest, Bottom half; Baggy Black faded jeans, Boxers; Normally "Playboy" with waitband always showing, Shoes; Any skater shoes & Extras; Sometimes wears oversized beanie and black leather jacket.
AccessoriesPiercings; Bridge (Between the eyes), Septum (Nose), Three Silver ring piercings in left ear, two in right (Tops), Eyebrow pierced with silver bar, Snake bites (Mouth), 6mm gauges in each ear lobe, 3 star neck tattoo, Real silver chain necklace, Knuckle Duster (worn on right hand), Wallet; usually consists of condoms, cash, notes, debit card and gym card, 5inch blade pocket knif and usually carrying smokes + refill lighter.
WeaponryKnuckle Duster -- 5 inch blade pocket knife.

Personality & Background

PersonalityMixture of personalities; Flirty, Smug, Cocky, Rude, Obnoxious, Cheeky, Sarcastic. Changes depending on mood.
BackgroundBar/Club/Strip atmosphere background.
LikesLove, Friendship, Friends, Flirting, Kindness, Sex, Relationships, Female Seduction, Smoking, Drinking, Mohawks/Fauxhawk, Beanies, Vagina., Woman, Music, Raves/Club Atomosphere, Neon, Xbox, Piercings,Tattoos, Humour, Happy People, Tollerance.
DislikesLiars, Most Men, Newbies, Fetishes, 30 yr old+ people who play Furcadia, Whores, Stubbornness, Ignorance, Arseholes, Hoarding, Rudeness, Pedophiles, Herms, Morons, Know-it-alls, People who don't give it a rest, Trolls, Bitches.
LocationThe Monochrome Lounge.
OccupationCurrently Unemployed.
Additional InfoTaken by his woman, Homo. <3