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Vital Statistics!

Character NameKrella

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourMost of her body is covered with small royal blue scales that interlock with each other. The only exception is the large, purple plates that run down the center of her upper and lower body.
Hair ColourShe has long purple hair, mostly straight, slightly wavy hair that extends down nearly to where the back of her upper and lower torso joins.
Eye ColourAll of her eyes are a deep green emerald in color, looking much like a cat's in appearence.
ClothingShe usually wears only a large, slevees red shirt.
AccessoriesA gold wristband on her right wrist.
WeaponryShewcarries a spear made from a large redwood tree and forged metal.
Outstanding FeaturesShe has large, pointed ears that extends up above her hair. Also she has four circular spots that seem to be closed off by bone poles. One is along the chest of her lower body, the second on her humaniod back right at the spot it connects to her lower back, and if one were to looks under her hair, one atop her head. The fourth rests on the bottom of her right forepaw. Those can open up to reveal an entranceway inside of her. With her body is several room-like chambers conected throughout her. These chambers cantain an eye allowing her to see within, a couple small holes in the ceiling to hear from and provide fresh air. The rooms funishings are made of bone that she can re-arrange at will, and also has tentacles that can come out to manipulate items within. The walls are light blue in color and soft. A few blood vesals are visable and transparent, though quite hard to damage. Her blood actually glows to illuminate the chambers as needed.

Personality & Background

PersonalityShe can be shy at times, but is generally nice to others. The only time one has to worry is if they make her angry.
BackgroundShe was created by an evil wizard, using here as a home for his own protection. The wizard made a mistake though in creating her, as she had a will of her own. The wizard usuyally kept tight control over her, but the one day he let his guard down, she swallowed and digested him. She has since been on her own.
Likesplaying with bigger and smaller furs, playing games
Dislikesthose who try to manipulate her.