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Vital Statistics!

Character NameKatrina Ritter
HeightVaries: Typically 5 to 25 feet tall.
WeightVaries: Usually slightly higher than her size suggests.
SummaryKatrina Ritter is a size-shifting Dingo who's something of a greasemonkey, something of a metalhead. She's sandy furred all over with a moderately muscled physique that she only hopes makes up for her rather unimpressive B-cup chest. She favours ratty jeans, vests and bomber jackets and tends to come across as something of a mischeif maker.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourHer fur is a light, sandy brown all over. Darkening to tan over her back and the outside edges of her limbs. Her ears are decidedly brown, as is the majority of her tail. Her lips are black, her inner ears cream. Jet claws and the occasional oil blemish from fixing up her bike.
Hair ColourHer head fur is cropped short, the fringe is not permitted to be lower than her eyelashes and the back is pulled into a pony tail that stops a few inches short of her shoulders. It's a rich, full shade of red. No dyes or even shampoo used in it's maintainence.
Eye ColourHer right eye is a warm shade of green, often bloodshot or unfocused. Her left eye is gone, in its place is a glass replacement. Pure white with a 'spade' design for a pupil. Thankfully the artificial orb is enchanted to grow and shrink with her.
ClothingHer wardrobe is simple and rarely varies, regardless of her size. More often than not wearing the same oil stained pair of ratty jeans. Straight cut with room to breathe. On her paws lie an ancient pair of combat boots, worn and well-loved with all the scuffs and blemishes to prove it. She's often wearing a simple white muscle vest that neatly shows off her impressive biceps and distracts from her decidedly small breasts. Over this is a very baggy, very ragged bomber jacket. The back and sleeves adorned with band patches of various local metal groups. While her leather, fingerless gloves are optional. The jacket never leaves her. Should it be cold enough, atop her head, squashing down her ears will be a leather and fur Ushanka, flaps down and straps dangling
AccessoriesSometimes she will be seen with a toolbelt with typical supplies hanging from it. Sometimes a backpack, very often an old russian motorcycle (With sidecart) called 'olga' that she has invested a lot of time into renovating.
WeaponryAside from brandishing a tire iron once in a while, she rarely feels the need for weapons.
Special AbilitiesThe ability to change her size isn't one she generally has any control over. It rarely, if ever occurs whilst she is awake, either. If tapped into, she could have massive control over her physical form, but she's yet to pursue this out of apathy.
Outstanding FeaturesAside from her decently-muscled physique and false eye, she's quite mundane.

Personality & Background

PersonalityKatrina is a little rude, a little abrasive and a tiny bit crude. These are just symptoms of her upbringing, she has a decent set of morals that only sometimes wane for her mean streak. She wouldn't 'hurt' a fly... Just rough it up some. While not 'stupid' she is incredibly ignorant of what most people would call common knowledge. Feigning disinterest in more controversial topics regardless of the specifics. She's quick to anger, fast to seek retribution but never holds a grudge for long. But when rubbed the right way she can show a sincere, compassionate side that is no less brash. But simply more endearing.
BackgroundBorn in the grimy depths of a large city, Katrina grew up like most kids in such situations: Tough. "Arcane Waste." Exposure due to improper dumping laws at the time meant she was one of thousands of 'touched' children who are plagued with seemingly random magical effects. Hers is decidedly minor in that whilst she can drastically alter size, never to 'dangerous' heights. As such she's lived comfortably in the city her whole life, making regular trips out... But never wanting to leave for too long.
LikesHeavy metal concerts. Piercings. Intimidating people she finds attractive. Accents. Hugs, but she'll kill you if you tell anyone!
DislikesBeing called a Labrador. Being accused of eating babies. Babies. Growing at inappropriate times. Fleas. Welding-Burns.
LocationWhen not inexplicably in an RP location, she'll often be in an inner-city slum in her workshop which doubles as her apartment.
OccupationMechanic, her and 'the boys' fix up cars, bikes. A lot of their revenue being made from renovating old crapwagons and reselling them to boy racers.
Additional Infohttp://rh.greydawn.net/browse.php?c=Katrina%20Ritter List isn't 100%. Feel free to ask me.

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote"Stop using such bad fucking language!"

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