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Kitsune-Fox Neccen

Vital Statistics!

Character NameNeccen
SpeciesHuman Fox Hybrid
Weight110 lbs
SummaryAn ancient soul in a young body.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourNeccen's fur is dominantly a very bright snow white color through her body. But as it reaches the ends of her limbs and tail it becomes a very strong black hue. Her fur is shaggy, obviously revealing her wild side, and the fact that she resides in the wilderness.
Hair ColourNeccen's hair is much like her fur. It's long and white reaching the crease in her back. But one strand in the front is black marking her individuality.
Eye ColourNeccen's eyes, both iris and sclera are bright neon green. The only thing that marks the end of the sclera and beginning of the iris is a thin black line, as well as her dark black pupil.
ClothingPrimarily, Neccen wears no clothes. But when in public or civilized areas the girl sucks up her pride and places a thin leather strap to cover her breasts, as well as regroom her fur to cover some areas deemed inappropriate in public.
AccessoriesNeccen bares no accessories. She's usually rather simple. Running amok in the nude, needing absolutely nothing. The only time she does feel compelled to leave her natural habitat is when she's either in heat, or when she's lonely.
WeaponryNeccen's only weapon would be her claws when she uses them for battle. But the only time that is, is when she desires food. Aside from that, Neccen has fought no battles.
Special AbilitiesSpecial abilities consist of electric play. Neccen can make small electric currents upon her finger tips which she uses for more sexual things then for actual danger, though she can stun escaping prey if necessary.
Outstanding FeaturesNeccen bares no real outstanding features aside from the two tones of her fur color, and the brightness of her eyes. Aside from that, she's rather simplicit, just another fox girl running amok.

Personality & Background

PersonalityNeccen has a dominant personality, but is not truly dominant in herself. She can belittle some things, especially other creatures that present themselves as 'feeble' and weak. Otherwise, Neccen is quite kind, very nurturing and accepting of all.
BackgroundNeccen came to be without much creativity. Her mother and father gave birth to her, then after she was capable of standing on her own and hunting, they left her alone and she grew on her own. When she came to be of heat, she learned about civilizations of more... civilized creatures. Neccen became rather feral from living on her own, but she still is intelligent and has a very stable mind.
LikesNeccen adores hermaphrodites. She loves berries of all kinds. She accepts both men and women, loving both equally. She adores dominant figures. Neccen enjoys candy given she rarely has it.
DislikesNeccen hates nets, weak figures, and most weapons. She dislikes pollution, and destruction to the environment, given that is her home. She hates hunters, and anyone who intentionally wishes destruction and harm amongst anyone else.
LocationNo designated location, she travels fervently, often ending up in a near forest.

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote" Honest to God I will break your heart, rip you to pieces and tear you apart.. "