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I am not the owner of this picture. I will remove it if the artist requests so. This is a reference picture.

Vital Statistics!

Character NameLenwe
AgeA few eons (appears in his twenties)
Height4 feet, 11 inches
Weight100 pounds
SummaryThe elfling made a "cyeef" sound as his peppy smile widened. Taking this furry hand, his creamy long manicured fingers caressed the green fur of that hand. He brought the hand close his nose, sniffing it some. "Yues... smell different." It was pretty evident by now how quirky this little guy is. He always admired remarkable creatures such as Leaf. The purple bag fumbled out of his right hand, the green cotton sweater with the phrase "I R Aweesum!" printed in black bold bubble letters. Len took a glance down at the sweater, frowning as it got soaked from the snow. He lets go of Leaf's hand, going over to pick it up. He sighs lightly, these foreign eyes momentarily mirrored the dark sky. "Wees go sumwhairs worrm?" This was proposed as a question, but he already made the decision. That warm delicate hand came around the werefox's hand-paw, locking his fingers with Leaf's. He guided them to an inn that was a few blocks from town square. Arriving at the entrance, he enters. "Mister Lenwe, welcome!" A snowy owl with spectacles greeted the elfling with a chirpy smile over his beak. He was behind an stained oak reception counter. The interior was pretty quaint and simple. A wooden structured decorated with trinkets that the inn keeper collected. The fireplace was lit with an inferno that beckoned them. Taking off his puffy coat, sneakers, bunny hat. He had on a very thin white shirt that had two diamond cuts that exposed his cleavage and belly. The shirt only had one long sleeve that covered his right arm. He walks over to the fireplace, the area had a fuzzy silvery rug (Imitation fur, mind you), which lay out in front of the fireplace. The fireplace area has thick frumpy sofas that was lined up around the edge of the rug. He sat down, gazing into the fire. His ankle socks are also ridiculously creative; the soles have paw print of a tiger, the front of the socks had the name "Aarov" in sky blue cursive lettering. He was quiet for the time being, lost in the symphony of the flames. His thoughts are constantly racing, ancient memories plaguing that mind. For that moment, Lenwe remain still, on his knees, a complacent expression over that explicitly endearing face. "Tel' palurin mela..." (The world's love) Note: This is just an idea what you are getting yourself into when dealing with the elf. This Role playing post happens to be one of his rare moments.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourCreamy, flawless, smooth.
Hair ColourPlatinum blond, shoulder length.
Eye ColourHis eyes are large, round, and have no pupils. Eye color reflects his current mood.
ClothingDesigns his own clothes. He normally wears tight jeans, booty shorts, or a pair of pants that are extremely peculiar. His shirts always have either a phrase, his name, or some adorable picture. He loves sneakers and flip-flops.
AccessoriesHe always wears Diamond bracelets, rings, anklets, necklaces, and toe rings. He would sometimes wear animal accessories like a cottontail or kitty ears.
Special AbilitiesEmpathy The ability to feel the emotions of others directly with only the use of the mind. *This gift is unstable, usually inducing confusion on differentiating between his emotions and others. He will usually make outbursts whenever he senses an emotion either from a someone close to him or a complete stranger. Sensory Empathy The ability to know the emotions and internal physical state of others with only the use of the mind. *His psyche takes a beating. ailments included are headaches, isolation, and emulating the state of whomever comes into his empathic range. Clairsentience The ability to perceive the astral/ethereal world with the use of the physical senses. *Hears the whispers of other worlds and planes of existences. When in duress or in an accidental situation, he can summon creatures from different worlds. Mana User *He manifests disturbingly cute animals, dragons, or interpretations of creatures he seen in cartoons and video games. Lenwe has a few signature Flamboyant spells, but they are normally lacking precision and sometimes backfire on him. Vitakinesis The ability to heal mentally and/or physically with only the use of the mind. *Has perfected this ability. He can aid others better than himself. Shape-shifting *Capability to take form either at will or against. Shifting into another race or species isn't accurate, usually there are minor or radical alterations to the norms.
Outstanding FeaturesHis ears are 2 feet, thin, and the tips are pointy. He can use his feet like another pair of hands. Hides his fairy wings. He is really old, knows every dialect known to man, animal, and mythical creatures. He can't speak English well, however. His feet emit hypnotic pheromones when they are sweating. He has a few sweet spots that he doesn't like having them known. Behind his ears are incredibly sensitive, causing him to prematurely ejaculate. Feet can easily subdue him; either by the smell or being teased by them. If you wear a piece of jewelry in front of him, he'll become fixated on that.

Personality & Background

PersonalityLenwe... There are so many layers of him. He is constantly in hyperactive mood. Very self-centered, boisterous, cuddly, bubbly, and always on the move. He is self-centered in the sense he likes to have it his way, but usually can compromise after what seems like hours. He has a huge heart, willing to help people close to him and even complete strangers. Lenwe can be very childish, mostly due to the lack of discipline and not fully maturing as an Ancient spirit.
BackgroundGaia manifested her essence into spirits that acted as guardians. These spirits were formless, capable of taking shape of any species. These entities, however, were hunted by demons and demi-gods. Tortured and harvested for their powers, Gaia conceived another spirit in secrecy. Lenwe was taken to an underground monastery and raised by Monks that were followers of Gaia. He was under strict supervision, never really having a moment to himself. He used to spend his days hiding out from the Monks, in a garden with spectacular exotic and rare flowers grown from the sunlight that halos around the area. Lenwe exhibited such vast knowledge; He knew all the dialects from the world including the mystical tongues, read through tons of books in a matter of seconds, and simply was incredible. He was a human during his stay with the monks. Lenwe experienced his first love with an elven named Lucen. He didn't have a name at the time, so Lucen gave him the name Lenwe, which is named after Lucen's unicorn. The monastery was invaded by Drows when his gifts matured. Lucen, the Monks, and Templars did everything they could to fend off this army. Lucen took Lenwe and guided him through a tunnel that leads outside. He never saw Lucen after leaving behind the monastery. Note: This is brief, I'll write more when I feel up to it.
LikesShopping, Pineapple soda, manicures, pedicures, perms, hair dyes, tiger plushes, cuddly creatures, socializing, horror movies, video games, pizza, and large males/anthros.
DislikesBeing objectified, stereotyped, negativity, patronized, taken advantaged of, adamant submissive males, annoyingly dominant males, people with pseudo logic, sheer ignorance, and being patronized or talk down to.
LocationThe grand city of Florence Paradise. Booze, strippers, casinos, strippers, drugs, and high-rollers. This tourist trap turns saints into degenerate gamblers... Or worse. Len lives in one of the most expensive penthouse suites called "Shimmering Towers."
OccupationHe is a very successful fashion designer and socialite. Designs clothing from ancient materials from different dimensions. These fabrics are actually affordable and worth wearing. He also attends social events and charities, having many famous connections.
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