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Artwork (above) by Pequedark-Velvet at deviantART.

Vital Statistics!

Character NameCaesar Mouse
Speciesanthropomorphic house mouse (Mus musculus domesticus)
Height3 inches (7.62 cm)
Weight12 grams

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourTawny fur with lion-cub spots, a white-furred chin/underbelly, and pale pink skin (inner-ears, feet-pads, nose).
Hair ColourNo hair, just tousled head fur.
Eye ColourBright amber irises.
ClothingUsually seen cartoon-nude, but sometimes wears an oversized white turtleneck that scrunches up below his collar, or a martial arts gi (crafted from a dinner napkin and a white knitting thread for the belt).
AccessoriesAlways wearing a simple charcoal collar.
Special Abilitiesgoju karate (white belt)
Outstanding FeaturesBipedal and digitigrade. 16 teeth (3 pairs of molars & 1 pair of slightly buck incisors). No uvula or claws (unless it's for the art style). Mouse-ish paws with pads, but no pads on hands. Smooth furred tail with a lion's tail-tuft that matches the color of his darkest fur.

Personality & Background

Personalitycute; cheerful; submissive; shy; innocent
BackgroundBorn February 7, 2011 to his parents, both part of a line of lab mice genetically engineered to possess various aesthetic attributes of lion-cubs, and humanoid qualities like bipedalism, high intelligence, & a wide omnivorous diet. Caesar grew up with a batch of mice being analyzed for biomedical research. As a result of experimentation, his telomeres don't seem to grow, thereby extending his lifespan far past the old age of most rodents. He eventually fled the institute, narrowly escaping a lab feline's lunch. The mouse was forced to live off the food scraps of random homes, until he met a group of anthropomorphic creatures like himself. Prepared with the memories of his many adventures since, Caesar is hopeful for the future.
Likescheese; snuggles; his tomato pin-cushion bed
DislikesNot much.
LocationIn your kitchen, nomming your foods. o:
OccupationProfessional mouse.
Additional InfoHis middle name, "Lionheart," was given to him by a close friend.

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