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Sketch by the amazing Dara, aka Captain Q, displayed with permission

Vital Statistics!

Character NameMirin
SpeciesLop-eared Bunny
Height143 cm (4 feet 8 inches)
Weight70 kg (154 lb)
SummaryAn adorably cute youthful bunny face with dark charcoal gray fur above the nose and medium gray fur below, with deep ruby-red eyes, wide and innocent-looking. Long thick fluffy lop ears reach all the way down to just above her butt in dark charcoal gray, with the edges trimmed in a medium gray and the insides pink. This is all framed by a truly massive floof of hair in stark raven black, with bangs that fall down her front to her tummy. Most of her fall of black hair goes down to her butt, but the center is braided in a truly thick braid from her neck down to her knees and is held there by a massive purple metal ring. The tips of her hair are blue and bioluminescent also, standing out bright against the dark. These bioluminescent strands also wind their way through her braid, highlighting the twists and turns of it in long threads of glowing blue.
Below all this, Mirin's tight well-built arms show off solid, well-formed and defined muscles and end in "gloves" of medium gray fur covering dexterous hands with bright-white polished claws. The same medium gray fur as on her face runs down the front half of her neck, widens to her shoulders, and runs down her front, bisecting her impressive breasts (30 ZZ-cup) [band size 30 inches, measure around the breasts 76 inches], and highlighting her tummy, which is thick with solid muscle in a perfectly-defined six-pack. The lighter fur continues down past her crotch to stop at her mid-thigh, leaving the inner thighs the medium gray and the outsides dark charcoal gray. Her very round, tight rump is partially concealed by a giant, oversize mobile cotton-fluff of a tail, fluffy and mobile. Very heavy massive and thick thighs sculpted from solid and defined muscle lead into equally solid, defined and muscular calves which bulge and shift with even casual movement of her toes. Lower she sports oversize digitigrade bunny-paws furred in socks of medium gray and tipped with long, sharp white claws kept polished and gleaming.
Around her eyes, along her cheeks, the back of her ears, and along the bridge of her nose Mirin sports bioluminescent (or perhaps electroluminescent) glowing designs. Like intricate, electric-blue-glowing tattoos, they flow, making beautiful patterns up the backs of her ears, smaller, even more delicate ones along the bridge of her nose and along her short lapine muzzle, and simpler but no less beautiful ones on her cheeks. They wind down her muscled arms in curls and designs, and make a glowing latticework of curls across her sculpted, defined back. Only a few highlight her breasts and sides. Mirin can choose how dim or bright these get, from off or barely visible to light-bulb-filament bright, and anywhere in between.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourDark charcoal gray across most of her body with a medium gray under-muzzle, throat, and ventral surface, plus halfway down her inner thighs. Socks and gloves in the same medium gray.
Hair ColourGlossy raven black in a floof down her back, silky and loose except in the center where there is a thick heavy braid, and two long mid-torso-length bangs in front. The tips are bioluminescent blue as are some hair strands in the braid.
Eye ColourBright ruby red eyes, wide and innocent-looking, almost childlike.
ClothingMirin wears a white loose sleeveless inner shirt which has an open back and a deep V-neck, stuffed impressively by her breasts. The v-neck front goes all the way down to her tummy. Over this is worn a form of shrug, a collar which leaves most of her back showing and covers only the very tops of her breasts and leads into sleeves which lace up the sides, allowing a clear view of her glowing arm designs, and ending in a ring over her middle finger, leaving her hands exposed. This is made of leather, and shimmers with dark midnight-blue scales, perhaps once being some form of lizard hide. Lower, a belt is worn from which dangles a front hanging panel in blue cloth trimmed in muted gold, some form of gold thread picking out characters in some form of ideographic language. Under this, very low-cut panties are worn under a set of low-riding lizard-hide iridescent-scaled dark blue leather pants and a pair of open-toed thigh-high close-fitting front-laced boots in a shimmery blue. Incredibly supple and well-made, the leather doesn't creak at all.
In reality all of the natural-seeming material is actually comprised of smartmatter, a substance infinitely variable in form and color, and reconfigurable on the fly under the control of Mirin's nnet. This material serves as body armor, and can go rigid to disperse physical impacts or even boil away in a controlled manner under an energy weapon's onslaught. The same protects it against things like heat/fire and cold/ice, and it can form a close-fitting suit around Mirin to allow short-term survival in vacuum or unlimited survival underwater.
AccessoriesMirin carries a pair of Variables, her people's parlance for a completely morphable utility tool and weapon. Responding to the user's thoughts (and only the owner's), it can change form from tools to weapons to anything in between, limited to simple solid forms (no moving parts or ammunition-dependent weapons).
WeaponryMirin's Variables are her main weapons, supplemented by a ultratechnological slingshot. Unfolding from a simple wristband, this weapon uses a force-field construct for the rubber and launches small pieces of nanotech-built material, sometimes inert but most of the time carrying some form of programmable smart-matter, allowing effects from tangler ammunition to acid to even energy-charged rounds and taser-style stun rounds. While short-range (40 meters on the outside) it is perfect for use in a starship's corridors, in a city, or in a building.

Mirin has training in several forms of martial arts and parts of her skeleton have been reinforced to allow for brutally inhuman force to be brought to bear on the striking surfaces. This allows her to kick, punch, and in general strike with her full strength. Her style resembles a mix of Capoeira, Jujitsu, and Ba Gua Kung Fu, plus her weapons skills include most melee weapons from swords and knives to pole-arms of various sorts, including full familiarity with paired weapons.

Mirin can punch with enough force to break brick without injury and put holes in cinder block, while her kicks can casually stave in car doors, seriously damage light armored structures, or, on a solid, concentrated hit, punch a deep, heavy divit in heavy tank-grade composite armor up to 18 centimeters thick, deforming it massively. What this can do to the body of an opponent is best left to the imagination.
Special AbilitiesMirin, like all her kind, possesses many biotechnological implants assisting her in innumerable ways, including information processing and even using her bioluminescence to project holograms around her. Mirin can transparently interface with computers, moving through dataspace in a way undetectable to most people with equipment less sophisticated than her own. This obviates the need for physical equipment of this nature. This same equipment allows her to send and receive messages and in general link into most forms of information system, up to and including cybernetic parts provided their support computer is of reasonable complexity. Her infiltration systems can, in close (approximately 2 meter) proximity allow her to "hack" into a person's cyberware and bioware and take it over, essentially puppeting the person involved. Note though that this requires at minimum a datalink meant for information interchange plus its' attendant built-in neural processor, and cannot be used on someone with no cybernetics.

Through biotechnology, Mirin's eyes are able to see in an immense segment of the electromagnetic spectrum, from the longest waves of infrared and thermal all the way up to the higher ends of the hard ultraviolet spectrum. They provide ranging accurate to centimeters of distance, and can provide precise magnification, making objects up to eight kilometers away seem to be as close and vivid as at 10 meters. All of this, plus superb passive night vision amplification and excellent daylight color vision.

Mirin also possesses a neural net (nnet), an bioelectronic copy of her own brain's neural layout, adaptive and changing as she changes, laced into her own brain and down her spine. Through this and diffuse, biological cybernetics laid down in diamondoid and silicone by tailored bacteria, this allows her communication with most machines.

Wardrug glands grown into her naturally from birth are meant to boost her already impressive physical performance almost beyond belief (though they tax her body afterward), providing for a short span of around fifteen minutes of massively enhanced reflexes, strength, complete pain blockage, and anti-shock.

There is speedheal in her bloodstream, a mix of biotechnological regenerative factors and limited nanotechnological assistance, common to many sentient animal types, and even many of the now-rare humans where she comes from. A mix of specially tailored biotechnology meant to find injuries and assist in healing by secreting assistive chemicals, this system can drastically increase Mirin's healing rate to something almost akin to rapid regeneration, but it draws heavily upon her own body resources. Thus, it makes her fatigued and massively hungry when in use. With these drugs in her system, though, she can even slowly re-grow lost limbs or quickly re-attach severed ones and have them fused in and functional in minutes. Note also that her "cybernetics" (which are not at all obvious) will also heal with the rest of her.

Mirin also possesses biotechnologically-mediated life extension. Her biological age is locked at sixteen, the peak of her physical capacity, and while time will march on for her until she dies of old age sometime around her three hundredth year, she will, until that moment, be young, beautiful, and vibrant.
Outstanding FeaturesMirin's build, appearance, and curves make her a VERY distinctive individual, plus her glowing-blue markings.

Personality & Background

PersonalityOutgoing, friendly, and snuggly, definitely not the attitude one would expect from a soldier.
BackgroundMirin was born in the service of the Gaian Polity, and has, nearly since birth, been involved deeply in operating as a bioborg soldier for them. Due to serious damage to Shroudling, the biotech destroyer on which she was stationed, the Tigershark-class ship's Mind ordered surviving crew into deep-stasis, a form of wormhole-induced temporal stasis in heavily shielded containers, before putting itself down into deep-hibernation. Somewhere within this time the shipmind suffered shutdown and death, and in its' death throes apparently knocked several of the stasis pods offline. Some form of infowar viral infiltrated Mirin's stasis pod and, finding it couldn't interface with the massively temporally-distorted soldier inside, sent the wormhole software into a series of wild shifts. Designed to at all costs keep its' occupant alive and intelligent enough to realize it could not sustain this for long, the moment ANY stable terminus coordinates were found it dropped the wormhole throat there, dumping Mirin elsewhere, then released its' own energies in a single point, its' two throats opening onto each other and resulting in a cascade-explosion so powerful that the light from the destroyer's destruction would be seen decades later in many planetary system's night sky.

In this, Mirin woke on an alien world, one clearly cosmopolitan in nature, which didn't view her strangely, and had access to what Mirin referred to as Clarketech, ultratech so advanced even the inhabitants and wielders call it magic (which it may very well be). Adapting quickly, Mirin realized she couldn't easily go home, and so has adapted herself to living a civilian life, enjoying her interminable furlough.
LikesFriends, hugging and snuggling, warm companionship, and sometimes action and adventure. Mirin will also happily discourse on the fields of bioethics and biotech, ecology, planetology, Wardenship, and anything involving space, especially as it pertains to the Gaian Polity, her former home.
DislikesSlavery, hatreds, racism of any sort, and a special place is reserved in her heart for those who began the vicious star-spanning humanity-purist Great Jihad.
LocationWherever she is at the moment
OccupationMercenary for hire, where need be a Gaian Warden, pilot of biomecha, fighters, and starships, and oftentimes these days an unemployed cuddlefluff of a bunny.