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Vital Statistics!

Character NameSandalwood
SpeciesBelgian Hare
Height5ft, 11in. (or 95ft)
Weight165lbs. (or 225t)
SummarySandalwood is a mostly plain hare of average height and build among anthromorphs, fur of a dark brown save for the bright contrast of caramel belly, throat and cheeks. His claws and are pearlascent white and well-maintained. His eyes are bright and welcoming, catching yours if you should look his way as a stranger, though frequently hidden behind his shades.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourThis rabbit's coat is a dark chocolate brown with a tan belly and immaculately kept! He's soft and silk from the tips of his chocolate ears to his curtained caramel toes. His claws are just as manicured and almost ivory in colour, meticulously cleaned, but more shrouded by the thick fur of his feet. His ears stand straight most of the time, tending to follow his eyes' point of focus, but often lay flat on his scalp during times of stress or loud noise.
( Second Life: http://tinyurl.com/7fa7qzf )
Eye ColourSteel blue.
ClothingWhatever his clothing, there are a few elements that nearly always exist! The rabbit's black sunglasses are almost always worn, round-rimmed and petite, centered upon the bridge of his constantly-twitched nose. His pants are almost always black and are typically tailored wide at the bottom to hide most of his feet. If he's wearing a shirt, it's usually unbuttoned to let his chest breathe the open air.
AccessoriesThere is frequently found a brown leather satchel against his right hip, banded loosely across his chest from the opposite shoulder. It has numerous pockets, some with zippers and some with snapping buttons, and it roughly the size of an average phone book. One item that is very nearly always on his person is a wide silver flask that fits neatly in his palm. Home to cold tea more often than to serve his joy for a swath of rum, though it typically contains one or the other.
WeaponrySandalwood is a practicing illusionist, employing a variety of subtle tricks to entertain himself and others as the mood suits him.
Strife specibus: Magiciankind (occasionally also chopstick-kind.) (P.S. - This is incredibly silly.)
Special AbilitiesFor years he freelanced a simple illusionist, well and respectable of talent in the trade, though he played his tricks for show and fun - pride soaring on the fact that he used no actual 'magic' in his illusions. It paid his way as he traveled around, living on the income of his entertainment ventures. Sometime in the last several months, however, he came upon a territory where the use of magic was a bit more commonplace. Not to accept magic for what it is, too scientific in his thoughts, it nonetheless caught him exhausted of his life thus far and decided to try his hand at such arcane manipulations. The fox has learned more than a few keen tricks that suit his particular fancies of illusionary skill. Aside from that, he's remarkably agile - a victim of regular exercise and long distance runs.
Outstanding FeaturesFew and far between if one would overlook the rare frequency with which he finds himself shrunk as small as to fit in a pocket or as large as a building! Who can say how it ever happens, but it's almost too often for comfort! With the aid of a new friend and a clever combination of his own tricks, he has developed the ability to manipulate his own size, or so it seems.

Personality & Background

PersonalityThis hare certainly enjoys a good nap, though when awake he has a sunny smile and matching disposition, if modestly reserved--mantled 'shy' by most. Though he tries to play the wallflower, he's too often drawn to ramble when the moment offers itself, but he loves to simply listen and observe while sipping his tea.
One glaring weakness in his personality is an affinity for regaling on the tragedies and sorrows from his experiences and adventures. He has a strange fascination with sad tales, finding a deeper beauty and happiness and a flourishing appreciation for life as a whole. Unfortunately, this trait is fairly unique to him.
BackgroundSee Special Abilities.
His life has been thus far an exploration of science, religion and magic. (To be continued.)
LikesLemons, tea, napping, casual affection.
DislikesOnions, mayonnaise, frogs, being lifted without permission, standing on ground-level near macros who refuse to sit down.
OccupationIllusionist and entertainer (on hiatus).
Additional Info(For an adult-themed information, ask in private.)

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